As your systems age, their vulnerability and your risks can increase – this is known as entropy which describes a system’s gradual but inevitable decline into disorder.

It seems that Access Control Systems are especially sensitive to this disorder.

Here are 3 steps you can take to keep things in order – to slow down the system’s aging process:

  • Pay close attention to system maintenance – both hardware and software,
  • Maintain strict adherence to all policies and procedures that apply to the system operation.
  • Ensure changes in business operations are reflected in renewed access control protocols.

The bottom line – TIME is the big factor in these 3 key actions slipping out of control – and if allowed to follow the slow path to entropy then your access control loses its “control” and becomes, simply, “access”.

Steve van Zwieten, CEO of Exact Technologies, often faces the problem of aging access control systems,  “We regularly come across legacy access control systems that still work quite well but a range of things start to cause problems for the venues. For example, it’s pretty common of ex-employees to still be able to access some venues – and so, the business faces a higher risk of unauthorized access.”

TIME has another impact on systems. Rapidly changing technologies often mean fantastic opportunities for cost savings, efficiencies and effectiveness – missing these may be very expensive.

In the last few years we seen some great advances in security technology,” says Steve. “Advances that bring big benefits to businesses. Holding onto old systems, no matter how well they are working, means paying for them in lost opportunities to take advantage of the technology now available.

Exact Technologies offers the industry leading Gallagher systems in their range of security solutions – including Gallagher’s cutting-edge access control technology.

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Here you will also be able to view a video on the award-winning Gallagher Command Centre and download an Overview of the Gallagher Access Control solution.

This is particularly important if you’re about to enter a construction, renovation or refurbishment project … because that is the perfect time review how your current security systems are working for you. It is all too common to see dated technology installed into sparkling new venues – a move that produces both disappointment and often costly rework.

If you are about to start a project it may help to have a look at Exact’s:

4 Steps To Great Security Outcomes Without Causing Costly Project Variations.

This is especially relevant for Access Control technology.

EXACT TECHNOLOGIES delivers a deep understanding of security IT combined with extensive experience in the club and gaming industry. It really means they are well placed to help find the best solution for you.

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Exact’s experience and expertise in clubs, pubs and licensed venues is extensive and makes them ideal team to look to when you’re considering technology for your venue.

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