The Jackpot Kingdom game family are showcased on the Ainsworth Stand this year and worth a visit to see their latest twist to the Hold and Spin genre with the ‘Shake and Break’ feature.

There are three games in the Jackpot Kingdom game family: Lion’s Spirit, Elephant’s Empire and Rhino’s Run and the ‘Shake and Break’ feature is common to all three games in the Jackpot Kingdom family.

The feature is triggered by six ‘Gold Coins’ displaying Cash on Reel prizes. In the ‘Shake and Break’ feature, the players are on the hunt for the ‘Zulu Shield’ that reveals a Cash on Reel prize, and this prize amount is then added to all the Gold Coins with Cash on Reel prizes on screen – quickly increasing the players accumulated wins by up to 20x their bet.

The three games have individual free games:

  • Lion’s Spirit: 2x Wild multiplier that can add up to 16x bet.
  • Elephant’s Empire: Increasing Wild multiplier that starts at 2x and builds to 3x, 4x, 5x, 8x and ends at 10x
  • Rhino’s Run: 5x Wild multiplier on reel 2 and 3x Wild multiplier on reel 4

These mid-high games are going to suit a wide range of regular players with the ‘Shake and Break’ providing something new for all players.


Come and see the new Jackpot Kingdom games on the Ainsworth Stand today!