A couple of years ago I attended a marketing summit in Sydney. Talking with some of the delegates who worked in various areas like banking, FMCG’s, airlines etc – one man dismissed me with a wave of his arm when he knew I worked with clubs. He said, “Oh you just do advertising, not marketing.”

I was a bit put out at first, but when I thought about it, it was apparent how he had formed his opinion.  The majority of club marketing concentrates on posters, brochures, web ads, signage, notices on social media and the like.   Even if they have embraced digital media – many clubs are still posting the same content on every platform. They might have taken a printed poster off the wall but have just placed it on a digital screen.

He was right.

Marketing is about creating the right product for the right market and the majority of ‘club marketing’ is often just advertising – the last step of the marketing cycle -not the only one.

Consumers have vastly different mindsets today than they did 20, 10 or even 5 years ago. They shop differently, they eat differently, they work differently, and they communicate differently.

As technology changes, so does the way we all live and so do our expectations when we interact with businesses.

Marketing has also undergone a massive transformation, especially in the last 5-10 years.  Each new wave of technology creates new opportunities and challenges for your marketing strategy – and your club.

Today marketing is ultimately data driven. It’s about strategic market segmentation and personalisation. It’s about holding conversations instead of peppering your audience with statements or speeches. It’s about measurability and ROI.

Barringtons have developed a new program that focuses on the role of the club marketer in 2018.

It covers all the fundamental practices a modern marketer in the industry needs to understand as well as the expectations and deliverables that come with that role. Participants will also gain a nationally recognised Certificate IV in Business Administration (BSB40515) as part of the course.

The course will be delivered in classroom sessions over five training periods of two days per month, held at various clubs across Sydney.

You can download the brochure here for full details and costs >>clubmarketing-brochure2pager-compressed

CLUB MARKETING FUNDAMENTALS starts 7th & 8th May 2018. Costs start from as low as $157 per day depending upon eligibility through payment plan.

Barrington’s is also running an EVENT MANAGEMENT ESSENTIALS course at the same time, starting 7th & 8th May.

You can download the brochure here >> eventsessential-brochure2pager-compressed

HURRY! Spaces are limited for both programs and will be booked on a first in, first served basis.

Click here to book either the CLUB MARKETING FUNDAMENTS or EVENT MANAGEMENT ESSENTIALS course online now >>   

For further information contact or call (02) 9899 0600


Barringtons is the key industry education partner of ClubsNSW delivering accredited hospitality business and management training.