Clubs and hotels across Australia were reluctant to remove the original Cash Express Link years ago, holding them together with updated LCD screens, replacement glass art panels and cash and coin entry only.

But such was the popularity among players that the Cash Express Link and the games under it saw many venues “MacGyver” them long past their use by date just to keep them on the floor. Launching on the Mars X and updated with the best hold ‘n spin mechanic, and three iconic base games – Where’s the Gold, Queen of The Nile and 50 Lions – clubs and pubs have an opportunity to finally put Cash Express Luxury Line back on the gaming floor.

The performance results are already confirming that the players know what they like, with Cash Express Luxury Line “on track” to be a market leader yet again.

While the new Cash Express Luxury Line is all about game familiarity for the player, there are many tweaks and updates to the games and the features, which ensure this new game family fits with contemporary gaming trends. Available in both SAP and Link formats, the multi-denomination games now have a $1 and $2 denomination which has been a strong driver of successful link performance in recent years.

A mix of jackpots levels are available to suit all venue sizes, with a choice of a $10,000 or $25,000 ($20,000 in QLD) Grand Jackpot on the link, and a $5,000 or $7,000 ($10,000 in QLD) jackpot on the SAP version of the Cash Express Luxury Line games. This variety allows clubs of all sizes to choose a link liability level they can handle, and a jackpot choice that will suit their players and turnover levels.

While the large and medium clubs (150+ EGMs), and many high turnover hotels, will see greater success with the higher $25K jackpot, smaller clubs can use the $10K jackpot and ensure they have enough turnover to manage a jackpot each month for the players.

For the clubs with lower turnover levels the SAP games provide more flexibility to move the machines around the floor, and still offer a good jackpot level, with a ceiling of $8,800 on those popular and familiar games.


Common Hold ‘n Spin Feature with a Golden Train twist

The hold ‘n spin feature is one all customers will be comfortable with except there are two symbols to collect that make a difference to their game play.

Landing 6 or more of the Red Stars triggers a standard hold ‘n spin feature, but the addition of a Cash Express Gold Star during the feature triggers a respin feature, which brings the golden train into play.

The golden train appears, and awards 3 – 8 gold carriages with cash amounts on the train carriages valued at the sum of the landed gold star symbols throughout the feature. These drop to the players’ wins total as it rolls through the top box and are added to their cash on reel total from the hold ‘n spin feature, boosting their wins. This is what the players will be looking for in their play time.


Iconic Games

Each of the games are reminiscent of the original versions, with a twist to lift their entertainment level for modern players, but very true to the games basic structure. This will ensure an easy understanding of how each game works:

  • The free games feature in Where’s the Gold is triggered by 3 dynamite symbols and players select 1 character from 5 options – just like the original. The players collect between 3 – 10 free games and/or 1, 2 or 3 symbols with each symbol collected being replaced by a wild symbol in the free games. Red Stars and Cash Express Gold Stars that appear are replaced by cash on reel wins.
  • In 50 Lions the players are looking for three of the Protea flower symbols left to right on the first three reels, as they always have, to trigger the feature. The players choose from either 10 free games with three wilds added to reels 2, 3, 4 and 5 every game, or 5 free games with 3 Red Star or Cash Express Gold Star symbols added to reels 2, 3, 4 and 5 every game.
  • In Queen of the Nile 3 pyramids still trigger the free games (x8), but during the free games the Golden Pharaoh symbol morphs to reveal other game symbols, potentially increasing opportunities for players to achieve additional and extended wins. Maybe this time around rubbing the jewel on the Queens crown for luck won’t have the same appeal that it did back in the 90s, but I’m sure the players will try!

See a short trailer on how the games play here >>> Cash Express Luxury Line Link – ANZ Aristocrat



As always, the proof of concept in gaming is the performance data that comes through, and in this industry, it is a direct vote from players on how good the games are.

In this case, the votes are in, and the Golden Train is on track to take a market lead as it rolls into gaming floors across the country. The data table below confirms that NSW and QLD clubs and hotels are all seeing strong results for both SAP and Link versions with good numbers of machines already in the market.


For more information on Cash Express Luxury Line and the iconic games, contact your Aristocrat representative