The Federal Court of Australia has temporarily banned online betting service Crownbet from changing its name to Sportingbet at the end of the month, for fear that it will impact rival betting company Sportsbet’s brand and business.

After Sportsbet sought an injunction on Crownbet’s proposed name change, the court agreed it is likely consumers will have trouble distinguishing between the two betting brands.

Crownbet acquired bookmaker William Hill in March with the agreement that Crownbet would stop using the William Hill brand by October.

While in December last year, Crown Resorts sold its 62% interest in Crownbet with the condition that it must cease using the Crownbet brand before August this year.

In a bid to rebrand both Crownbet and William Hill, Crownbet set out to change its name to Sportingbet, a brand that was originally owned by CrownBet’s current CEO Matt Tripp and his father, Alan, but which has now been temporarily denied by the Federal Court of Australia.

CrownBet said that they were reviewing the order and what options they had. It is yet to be seen whether the company would contest the ruling in court or decide on another name for its business.

Sources: Mumbrella, Daily Telegraph