The NSW Government is proposing a new bill which puts the onus on venues to identify and assist problem gamblers, and their families, in a manner comparable to that of responsible service of alcohol laws.

There will be community consultation before the bill is passed; irrespective of this – venues will need to change their approach to managing problem gamblers and exclusion lists. The introduction of these changes will see venues having to take a far more proactive stance on managing exclusion lists for problem gamblers and the use of facial recognition is highly advantageous when it comes to this.

With the release of job keeper payments and problem gamblers using access to their super funds to fund their gambling addictions, it is critical now more than ever that venues have a proactive approach to managing the issue.

The bill is proposing a number of key changes including a $27,500 fine for venues that allow self-excluded patrons to gamble; the introduction of a third-party exclusion scheme where family members of problem gamblers can apply to have problem gamblers banned from venues; a requirement for venues to have a trained and responsible gambling contact officer; and whistle-blower protections for venue staff.

One of the key issues outlined with this bill reform stems from the fact that a number of problem gamblers, their friends, and their family members have contacted ABC Investigations to highlight the fundamental issue being that there are limited systems and protocols in place to limit or prevent self-excluded patrons to enter a venue. Reliance on the ability of employees and staff to identify each person on the gambling exclusion list is simply not practical. There are far too many variables that come into play and the likelihood of human error is very high. The most practical and accurate solution is to introduce facial recognition software.

Facial recognition software is central to the effective management of problem gamblers and exclusion lists and Element Security offers a best-in-class solution for this. Their facial recognition software enables venues to import images and key data relating to problem gamblers who have either self-excluded or been excluded by a third-party family member – and then manage this effectively.

Once the facial imagery and data has been imported into the system, the facial recognition software can identify and flag the presence of individuals who are on the gambling floor and should not be. The software then notifies the designated gambling contact officer as well as floor staff regarding the problem-gamblers presence and provide real-time imagery of the person, using push notifications or text messaging.

Benefits of Element Security’s Facial Recognition Software

Accuracy: The introduction of facial recognition software will enable venues to actively identify and manage the presence of problem gamblers in a way that is accurate, secure, and effective. The software is designed to assess multiple data points and provides results that are at least 98% accurate. The system is constantly learning and accuracy is improved over time.

Effective Integration: The introduction of Facial Recognition software rarely requires that a venue replace its entire camera or CCTV infrastructure. Instead, the software is able to integrate into a venues existing infrastructure at a relatively low cost – depending on each venue’s specific requirements. Additionally, the software can be hosted either on premise or securely in the cloud and integrates with both on-premise and / or cloud databases.

Lower Headcount: Over and above the accuracy and effectiveness benefits of introducing facial recognition software, venues will also see the added benefit of requiring less staff to constantly monitor the gambling floor.

Staff & Patron Safety: Facial Recognition Software offers the added safety of not having staff being placed at risk when trying to identify individuals on the self-exclusion list. Instead, this can be discretely managed from the control centre and the relevant security personnel dispatched once a problem gambler has been identified on the floor. This enables venues to ensure that neither staff nor patrons are put at risk when managing problem gamblers on the floor.

Compliance: The software ensures that venues are better equipped to comply with legislative requirements regarding self-exclusion lists for both alcoholism and gambling additions. In addition to this, they provide an accurate and accessible audit trail for venues to use if required.

Flexibility: Facial recognition software is not a one-trick pony. It can also be used to manage security incidents, COVID protocol adherence, other lists like Staff, Blacklist or VIP, as well as general venue, staff and patron safety.

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