In 2019 the UK government commissioned a study on what motivates people to gamble and how it fits into their lives. While some of the regulations differ, people are the same all over the world and their motivations for gambling resonates in the Australian market. While the sample size was small it covered a wide range of player types.

Access to poker machines in the UK is very limited and are generally low value entertainment games found in pubs (AWP machines = Amusement with prizes) or a few slots situated in a casino or bingo hall. Most of the gambling in the UK is online casino games, sports betting, lotteries and scratchies.

Even though there are differences in the type of access to gambling in the UK, the motivations follow a recognisable pattern for an Aussie Club Manager. There were some good insights into:

  • how gamblers perceived their gaming habits as normal, while others were “problem gamblers”
  • the perception of what gambling activities were perceived as “casual” or “proper” gambling
  • eight core gambling driver typologies that categorised the main types of players (eg social, habitual, spontaneous) and their reasons for gambling
  • where gambling behaviour shifts between hot and cold play cycles
  • the conscious choice for players between mobile easy-to-access gambling and destination/event gaming

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