Did you know: Interior design and decor matter when a new customer walks through the doors of your venue, and aside from the food and customer service, it can have the biggest impact on them.

Research shows interior design is linked to customer satisfaction and their assessment of an establishment.

A fresh and inviting space that patrons flock to is every venue owner’s dream, but creating it becomes another story – one best shaped by an interior designer.

In highly competitive businesses, such as clubs, pubs, casinos, and hotels, you want your establishment to be the one that stands out, attracts your ideal customers, gives them an experience to talk about, and is the place they return to with their friends.

An interior designer will help you do this by creating a space that is aesthetically pleasing, functional, safe, and welcoming.

Their creative experience and talent means they can utilise the spaces you may overlook, such as the ceiling.

For example, in the interior design of your gaming room, the ceiling is the largest untouched area – everywhere else is populated by machines and screens.  The ceiling is where you have a remarkable opportunity to create the biggest impact and set your room apart from your competitors.

At Capital Design Works, we call the ceiling the “fifth wall” of a room.

Here’s how a designer can make your fifth wall more memorable.

5 top tips to turn your gaming room ceiling into an unforgettable space:

  1. THE LOOK: There are many ceiling features and ideas that can completely alter the look and feel of your space. In fact, your ceiling can offer the biggest transformation of the entire room and has the most potential to conceal illumination and other services. It can eliminate boring downlights and unsightly air-conditioning units.  Imagine how much nicer the experience will be for patrons who walk into a room where the ceiling forms part of the room.
  2. THE SPACE: A ceiling in any room of a club, pub, casino or hotel has the potential to create more space and height by simply incorporating lights, colours, and reflective surfaces. Not many elements can add an immediate impact to give a more spacious feel. A designer will help you choose the right colours, light, and surfaces to do this well.
  3. THE ACOUSTICS: Acoustics play an important role in a room, and a special ceiling design can help contribute to good acoustics for your space. You want people to feel comfortable and while it must be aesthetically pleasing, it also needs to function.
  4. THE COLOURS: Colour choices have the ability to create a positive or negative experience for your customers – the colour of the ceiling alone can help lift your room’s overall appeal. Darker colours can automatically make your room warmer and cosier, while lighter colours can open up a space and give more light and the feeling of greater height.
  5. THE AMBIANCE: In the competitive world of hospitality, it is vital to create an atmosphere that’s beneficial to the customers you want to bring in and the type of establishment you want to create. And so, every detail should contribute to the ambiance, including the ceiling. When designed well, ceiling features create a great ambiance and can brand your room to make it unforgettable.

If you want your venue to become a destination and not just another club, pub, casino, or hotel, attention to detail can play a major part and an interior designer is a key component in that success.

Choosing colours, material, finishes, and features need not be stressful. With help from the Capital Design Works team, your gaming room will be transformed into a space that your customers will enjoy and keep coming back to time and time again.


Have a chat with us today and we’ll help you create a stunning gaming room that works.