Excerpt from an article from Greg Mowbray: Leadership speaker, author, mentor, consultant at gregmowbray.com – Licence to Lead, Leadership Development Program, University of Newcastle


Ed Sheeran – a leader? You decide. One man, six strings, 83,000 backing singers.

Here is why we think he just could be!

  1. I subscribe to the thought that a leader is someone who positively influences others.
  2. A leader is someone who cares about others – Ed’s gentle, soulful lyrics are about love, not just romantic love, but also respect, family, mistakes etc. People connect with him because he cares about others. At the concert, there was no hint of ego, just concern that everyone was having a good time.
  3. He is authentic. It was just him, his guitar (and a little help from technology) on stage. He talks and sings about his failures and mistakes and owns them.
  4. A leader brings people together for a worthwhile cause – I was amazed at how much joy and happiness there was – from small kids to grandmothers, to teenagers and families – Ed connected us. Look around you – leadership is evident in the most unlikely places.