Ever noticed that when someone gives you something nice for free, you instantly feel good about them!

Australia’s leading hotels, clubs and bars understand that when you reward valuable customers with complementary snacks and treats, they reward you with their loyalty.

Good Nuts works with the likes of Google, Merivale, Accor, Crown, Qantas and over 1500 leading hotels and clubs to provide them with the very thing that keeps their customers feeling cared for and appreciated.

From nuts and mixes to sweet biscuits and confectionary, they have over 150 lines of product to choose from that can cater for all tastes.

Good Nuts is an Australian family owned company that’s been around for over 20 years so knowing what kind of reward works best for certain types of venue and their customers is something they know a lot about.

Good Nut’s Managing Director, Michael Berman said, “by strategically partnering with you in your venues we help maximise your customer satisfaction by selecting the right mix of products and the right method to market.”

“Every one of our huge range of products has been hand selected for its ability to reward customers and do so with a particular taste profile and price point in mind.”

“And if there’s something special or unusual you need to deliver that extra level of customer satisfaction, then we’ll go out of our way to make it happen.”

It’s all part of the small things Good Nuts do that go a long way ensuring your customers keep coming back time and time again.

Good Nuts is offering The Drop subscribers free sample packs as way to get to know their extensive and high quality range.

Simply go to or email "> to order your free samples.