A cocktail containing two rare varieties of ‘liquid gold’ is on sale in Sydney and Melbourne – but it will set you back $15,000.

Two of the country’s leading bars have partnered to create Australia’s most expensive cocktail – which comes with an eye-watering $15,000 price tag.

World-renowned mixologists from Sydney’s Dean & Nancy on 22 and Melbourne’s Sky Bar have created a rare Old Fashioned cocktail using a list of luxury ingredients.

The $15,000 take on the classic drink, which traditionally contains whiskey, bitters and water, has been dubbed the Woodford Reserve Gold Fashioned.

As well as containing a cognac from a limited-edition $3000 bottle of “the world’s finest bourbon”, the next-level cocktail – created to celebrate 2022’s Woodford Reserve Old Fashioned Week – also includes a host of other seriously bougie mixers.

Top of the list is a gold-infused Chateau d’Yquem, a “superior” French wine from the Sauternes, Gironde region in the southern part of the Bordeaux – and a bottle of which will set you back over $500 in Australia.

These two “liquid golds” are topped with saffron, vanilla bitters and specially engraved ice, before the piece de resistance is added – actual flakes of 24-carat gold.

“We wanted to take Old Fashioned Week further, so we took some of the world’s finest ingredients, including a luxurious bourbon like Woodford Reserve, and added touches of decadence to create a cocktail experience that’s never been seen or done before,” Stefano Filardi, leading bartender and venue manager at Dean & Nancy on 22, said.

“After years of lockdowns and missing out, we’re finding our guests are eager to splurge, particularly if it’s for an experience they can’t get anywhere else.”

Stefano explained the $15,000 was a “unique” drink, stating that while he acknowledged “the price tag is big”, it was “worth every dollar”.

Thankfully, patrons who order Australia’s most expensive cocktail, will get more than one drink for their money.

Buyers will also get to take home the entire $3000 bottle of Woodford Reserve, which is housed in stunning Baccarat glassware and a pair of Baccarat hand-cut French crystal tumblers.

“There are few cocktails more classic than the Old Fashioned – a drink that is well loved in Australia and around the world for its sweet undertones, bitter yet smooth flavour and versatility across sipping occasions,” Woodford Reserve brand ambassador Andy Tsai said.

“The Woodford Reserve Gold Fashioned offers cocktail connoisseurs the chance to experience the taste of luxury for themselves.

“And for those seeking a premium Old Fashioned experience with less of a price tag, we’re excited to offer something for everyone at Woodford Reserve Old Fashioned Week – whether Old Fashioned aficionado or first-time experimentalist.”


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