Aussies have shared their surprise at the “unbelievable” prices of a pub lunch menu from 1972, but one dish has left the internet baffled.

The vintage menu comes from the High Road Tavern in the South Perth suburb of Riverton, and only one item costs more than $1.

The old pub sign, posted on Facebook group Old Shops Australia, showed a food selection including a pie for 12 cents, sardines on toast for 30 cents and a porterhouse steak for 80 cents.

Takeaway fish and chips and barbecue chicken were the only two items on the menu that cost more than $1 at $1.65.

Dozens of users were amazed by the retro menu and its prices.

“And not a $14 smashed avocado on toast in sight!” one person noticed.

“Nothing better than a pub mixed grill,” a second person wrote.

“Lamb chops for 50 cents, awesome. And you don’t see sardines on any menu now,” a third said.

“Porterhouse 80 cents, omg! Jim, fire up the time machine,” a fourth person joked.

One menu item that left group members stumped was “Rossmoyne Remembered”’ which was free or 50 cents with a salad or vegetables.

“What is Rossmoyne Remembered? Can’t be good if they are giving it away,” one person asked.

“I asked all the old folks at the retirement home I live at and none of them had any idea at all,” a second person replied.

“None remembered ever hearing the expression. Nothing on Google either.”

“I think it’s a sauce that’s free as an extra and the next line is a [sic] extra,” a third guessed.

Not everyone in the group were fans of the vintage menu and its prices.

“Might have been cheap but how dull and boring!” one user said.

Others commented that the old prices were a sign of how much inflation has affected wages and the cost of living over the past few decades.

“My dad earned $10K per year back then so it was still very much amazing prices compared to now,” one person said.

“Imagine being on today’s wages living in the 70s, I’d be a GOD,” a second person joked.

“Geez. Not much use for the $ column!!,” a third pointed out.

“Struth! Porterhouse Steak 0.80c. You can pay $35.00 now,” a fourth person said.