The Regional Movers Index presents fresh analysis of movements between Australia’s capital cities and regions. The Index is a partnership between CBA and the Regional Australia Institute (RAI), powered by analysis of proprietary data to create an up-to-date and granular picture of a large sample of relocations. The Index updates the trends identified in the RAI’s 2019 Big Movers report – that in recent decades more people have been moving from Australia’s capital cities to regions than in the opposite direction.

Key data highlighted in the report:

  • Capital to regional migration remained elevated throughout 2022, tracking at a level virtually unchanged from the height of the pandemic and around 16 per cent higher than the pre-COVID levels of 2018 and 2019.
  • The migration flows from capitals to regions have largely stabilised at an elevated level over the past year to account for an average 12 per cent of total migration flows – up from an average 11 per cent share pre-COVID.
  • Regional Queensland and Victoria surged ahead in popularity, enticing the largest share of net outflows from cities to regions at 34 and 33 per cent, respectively (up from 20 and 21 per cent in 2021).
  • In contrast, regional New South Wales fell out of favour to account for 26 per cent of net capital outflows, about half its 50 per cent share in 2021.
  • The regional Local Government Areas (LGAs) experiencing the largest net internal migration inflows in 2022 had a clear coastal Queensland theme in 2022, with the Sunshine Coast topping the list. Greater Geelong – receiving the third largest net internal migration inflows – was the only LGA outside of Queensland to make the Top Five.

Download the report here >>> RMI_Dec 2022_FINAL


Source: Regional Movers Index (regionalaustralia.