Triggered marketing campaigns are effective and relatively easy to set up. They communicate with your members immediately, based on a certain action or event, and can be set up for real time deployment.

These programs can boost revenues, as they speak to your members at times when they are more likely to read the email and take action.

Examples of Triggered Marketing Campaigns include:


  1. Welcome Emai

This email is sent immediately after a new gaming member starts using their card in a machine for the first time. It should welcome the member and outline all the benefits of the clubs rewards program. Besides the good experience that the member should have received on-property, this is the next step to relationship building and will make your new member feel welcome.

Tip: You don’t need high level CRM systems or elaborate email set-ups for these triggered programs. Talk to your IT department – they should be able to set these up for you in real time or batch processing.


  1. Bounce-back Offers for New and existing Players

This triggered email or SMS is sent within 24 hours after your new member has played at your club.  It should be a time-based incentive for the member to come back and visit your club. Often referred to as a bounce-back offer, it is time-based with the offer lasting for 48 hours to 30 days, depending on your club and its location. The value and type of offer would be based either on turnover or points accrued on their first play.

Any existing member reaching a certain tier level or points accumulation level can also be triggered to receive these bounce-back offers.

These types of bounce-back offers can provide a major competitive advantage, as other clubs rewards programs usually take up to 30 days or more to send a communication to these members, no matter what the level of their spend.

Tip: SMS or direct mail bounce-back offers work well for mid to higher level tiers, as they usually generate a higher response rate. Email is really only recommended for lower tiers to reduce cost and enhance ROI.


  1. Triggered Inactive DM/Email

If a gamer hasn’t been back to your club within three months, a triggered Direct Mail /Email can be sent to invite these members back with a standard “We Miss You” message that has some compelling offer. Remember, it’s easier to get a member back who’s been to your property than get a new member.

Tip: If a high value / high tier level member hasn’t visited your property in their usual timeframe (whether daily, weekly or monthly etc.), your gaming manager or customer service host should contact that member personally to check on their status and offer an appropriate incentive, depending on the situation.