Have you considered what part a quality ice cream offering may play toward building higher profitability for your business?

 Karen from Riva shares, “The first thing we get asked is how venues can make money by using a system like the Riva Ice Cream Dispenser. We help them identify opportunities within their business and often start with analysing the gaps within their existing offering to see where they might gain efficiencies and cost savings.”

 Riva is entirely focused on simplifying the business model of ice cream delivery and has developed a range of resources for their clients to ensure they are realising maximum returns within their operation at every opportunity.

“We created the Riva ice cream chart to be an effective reference tool that covers the three keys to unlocking a successful ice cream offering:

  • Knowing which ice cream product lines are highly sought after around Australia
  • Offering the most common sizes across these product lines
  • Having formula breakdowns and blending times which deliver consistent results.

It’s a resource that can live on the back wall and is the perfect tool for businesses where consistency is key.” Says Karen

Going beyond the 80% gross profit margin

Even in this market of high costs and constant challenges, achieving high profit margins is entirely possible says Karen. “We’ve built an analysis tool that breaks down the cost of goods and the sell price of each line, enabling us to work with our clients to quickly and easily determine where their greatest opportunity for ROI lies.”


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