Two friends from Sydney, Australia, have broken the record for the most pubs visited in 24 hours after drinking in 99 different bars over the course of a day. Harry Kooros and Jake Loiterton, both 26 years old, smashed the previous record set last year by Heinrich de Villiers (South Africa), who visited 78 pubs.

Harry and Jake attempted this record for two reasons: to raise money for MS Australia, a non-profit organization dedicated to multiple-sclerosis research; and to revitalize Sydney’s nightlife, which they say has been “decimated” over the past decade by legislation changes and the COVID-19 pandemic.

The pair began their record attempt at midnight to work around the opening and closing times of the city’s bars. As soon as the clock hit 12, they went “full speed ahead” to get into as many places as possible before they all shut.

With most venues closed by 2 a.m., Harry and Jake found themselves walking great distances to find open pubs, as they were not allowed to use any form of private transportation such as a taxi. By 5 a.m. they were exhausted, so they rested in a park and then a café until 9 a.m. when some pubs began opening again.

They continued on throughout the day with “very little downtime”, aiming to spend no more than 14 minutes going from one pub to the next – this accounted for ID checks, queuing up to order drinks, consuming the drinks, and then walking to the next venue.

By the early evening, they’d surpassed the previous record of 78 pubs, so they decided to carry on until they reached 100. However, due to miscounting, they stopped at 99, incorrectly thinking it was their 100th pub.

In total, they spent around 1,500 Australian dollars (£784; $990) on drinks.

Harry said that the hardest part of the challenge was “by far” having to consume so much liquid.

“While we initially planned to have an alcoholic drink at every second pub and having non-alcoholic drinks at alternating pubs, we quickly changed this plan. With Sydney’s strict intoxication laws, we realized we needed to keep from being too inebriated so that we were let into all the pubs.

Planning the route was another challenging aspect of the record attempt; it took Harry and Jake several months of researching and fine-tuning before they were happy with it. They walked a total of 45 kilometres over the course of the day.

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