FACIAL RECOGNITION: The automated answer to detecting barred or excluded persons

What exactly is The Guardian?

It’s a fully integrated, market-leading, cloud-based facial recognition system that identifies barred persons as they enter a gaming area, by matching them against a secure centralised database and alerting staff in real time.

 How will it benefit my venue?

It’s an effective harm minimisation tool that can significantly improve barred or excluded person detection by automating the detection process.

It provides accurate, reliable and fast identification of barred or excluded persons while significantly saving time by reducing staff workload. With this system, venues no longer have to rely on outdated systems and time-consuming, manual processes that’re prone to error.

Plus, this fully managed, turn-key solution is simple to implement and use, quick to set up and scalable.

 How does it work?

State-of-the-art high-definition cameras are installed in key areas around the gaming room (including entranceways and thoroughfares, for example).

Facial images are extracted from a live video stream as people enter or move around the venue and sent to a cloud-based facial recognition engine which – using specialised algorithms – matches these against a centralised database of barred or excluded persons.

If a barred or excluded person is identified, an alert will be sent to your front of house gaming system (or any designated device), making venue staff aware (in real time) when an excluded person has entered the venue.

 Is it scalable?

Yes. This market-leading technology has the ability to analyse and find matches across thousands of facial photos from a network of thousands of cameras, returning results in less than a few seconds.

 How quickly can I get set up?

You can be up and running in a matter of weeks.

What about privacy?

This system has been built to ensure all data captured or used is safeguarded appropriately. All data is securely stored, and the system complies with all necessary security standards.

Market leaders in New Zealand

The Guardian is the industry-leading (and widely adopted system) within the New Zealand gaming industry. We have over 110 hospitality venues and a number of casinos currently using The Guardian. 

 It has recently become available in Australia in response to a national demand for a facial recognition system that automates the barred person detection process.  We are approved for use in South Australia.


Check out the video below to see how it’s making an impact across the ditch.


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