You may have driven into your local shopping centre and recognised the small box located adjacent to the entry and exits of the carpark. It was designed automated carpark billing in mind, yet provides much more functionality than just billing. Element Security have repurposed Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) to suit Clubs & Pubs to further assist you in understanding the dynamics of your Customer Carpark or VIP Carpark. This functionality includes the following.

  • Blacklist troublesome vehicles
  • VIP members gain easy access to the carpark
  • Understand how your carpark is flowing with traffic
  • Entry/Exit times of individual vehicles
  • Dwell times of each individual vehicle
  • Reports on busy periods, quiet periods
  • Recognize trends in the reporting data
  • Compare your data with our People Counting Technology for different marketing metrics.
  • The ability to analyse the data and answer your questions on your venue

Clubs & Pubs now have the ability to generate more data on their patrons and the purpose of their visit. When it is correctly analysed and interpreted, this data can enable Clubs & Pubs to gain further insight into daily operations. This includes staffing requirements for different times of day, as well as additional information on the ROI of marketing and promotional activities. Further to this, the additional LPR Data also allows Clubs and Pubs to gain more insight into the nature of their patronage, thus enabling them to adjust their offerings to cater to and suit the different types of people that visit their venues.

For example, in the instance where the ratio of vehicles to people is high on weekdays between 5-7 PM, the venue may elect to allocate additional staff to their Bistro/Restaurant and as well as offer promotions geared towards families to encourage additional and regular patronage at these times. By contrast, if the LPR data indicates that the ratio of vehicles to people falls at 9PM on a Saturday (indicating Patrons have used rideshare services or taxis to get to the Club or Pub) – then it would make sense to allocate staff to Gaming & Bar areas and focus marketing and promotional activities to align with this.


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