In NSW when a progressive is decommissioned, the remaining accumulated values are dispersed by adding them to existing progressives within the venue. A venue can:

1. Add the amounts to be dispersed to a standard progressive link (a link which is triggered by an EGM) – there is no extra cost here provided a few conditions are followed.

2. Add the amount to be dispersed to Mystery Madness “Madness” Level – also no extra cost as long as it is added to a specific level.

3. If there are no standard progressive links to add the dispersed prize to, then a mystery level can be used. In this case the parameters should be chosen carefully as this can result in a very large cost, much larger than amount being dispersed.

Dean Wright from Paltronics Australasia has shared with The Drop readers the attached Customer Information Sheet which explains in detail where a venue can add a dispersal amount that can incur additional costs, if attached to the wrong link type or level.

For a complete explanation of the issues and calculations – download your copy here >>>>  https://www.thedrop.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/Dispersed-Prizes-Information-for-Customers.docx