Good Nuts is the name behind the Australian family owned company that is widely recognised as the industry leader in meeting your customers needs when it comes to complimentary snacks and treats.

Good Nuts Managing Director, Michael Berman recalls the early days, “When we started some twenty years ago it was all about that bowl of peanuts sitting on the bar next to your schooner. Hence our name” Since then not only have the hygiene rules around open product changed for the better but also customer tastes have become more diverse and are ever changing.

Michael says, “We’ve now over 150 product lines to choose from, including the very best nuts of course, through to the latest mixes, confectionary, sweet biscuits that are perfect with coffee or tea and chocolate treats including the iconic Lindt brand.”

With their extensive market experience and dedication to customer service excellence, Good Nuts are perfectly placed to assist any venue in working out the ideal product mix to deliver the maximum customer satisfaction.

“Rewarding customers works every time as it imprints a positive experience which means they’ll be coming back time and time again. It builds loyalty as the likes of Merivale, Accor, Qantas and Compass Group know very well.

Every venue is different so Good Nuts have become experts at knowing what kind of snack or treat works best depending on the variables of price, location, seasonality and ethnicity. And they’ll go out of their way to source something special or unusual should you need it for that unique occasion.

Good Nuts is offering The Drop subscribers free sample packs as way to get to know their extensive and high quality range.

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