Take this quick quiz to evaluate your clubs VIP and Player Development efforts within your loyalty program.

  1. Do you have a Player Development/ VIP host function as part of your clubs loyalty program that is designed to ‘love’ your best players on a personal one-on-one basis (instead of just via kiosk swipes or through mail or email)?

         YES          NO           DON’T KNOW


  1. Does your Player Development/VIP Host program have a system to identify and create more new ‘best players’ for your venue?

         YES          NO           DON’T KNOW


  1. Does your Player Development function offer a bonus and/or incentive program for your hosts that rewards them through the meeting and exceeding of specific targets and goals?

      YES          NO           DON’T KNOW


  1. Does your Player Development function have a career path component that identifies likely hosts from among your workforce, sets them on a training path towards an executive or business development position, and includes training and achievement benchmarks to keep them on track?

       YES          NO           DON’T KNOW


  1. Does your loyalty program have a math-based methodology for identifying high-value or high potential leads from among the hundreds or even thousands of gamers in your database and does this methodology deliver those “leads” into your VIP hosts on a daily basis?

      YES          NO           DON’T KNOW


  1. Does your player development/ VIP function measure the important metrics involved in the development and retention of the best players in your club, including everything a host does to drive that business and the results achieved by their doing it?

       YES          NO           DON’T KNOW


  1. Is your Player Development/VIP function autonomous and focused solely on players of high-value and potential high-value (rather than being lumped in with other player direct mail programs, promotional programs, voucher redemption programs, etc.)?

       YES          NO           DON’T KNOW


Okay, how’d you do?
If your YES answers fall below 50% then you probably have some work to do with how you manage your high-value gamers and potential high-value gamers.  Why? Because there’s a good chance that some of your competitors are either trying to steal those players from you or keep you from stealing theirs.

But don’t worry. Help is at hand.


Barringtons have teamed up with the Drop to deliver a VIP HOST MANAGEMENT PROGRAM* – the first course of its kind to be designed specifically for the Australian gaming market.

The program is a combination of accredited and non-accredited training focusing on the areas of customer service, player development and the understanding of loyalty programs.  Combined with an extensive leadership program, the course will help develop and enhance skills in leading and managing your team while building your service standards and loyalty programs.

Upon successful completion, students will obtain a nationally accredited Certificate IV in Leadership and Management (BSB42015) as well as an industry recognised Certificate in VIP Host Management.

Plus, as an added bonus, each person who enrols in the VIP Host Management program will receive a year’s free membership to The Drop.  (Current members will receive a bonus membership for the next 12 month period)



Download the course information brochure here >>> vip-host-management-program-brochure

Click here for the online enrolment form >>

For more information please phone your Barringtons Representative or email:  


Barringtons RTO Provider Number 91317.   This training is subsidised by the NSW Government

*eligibility requirements apply – only open to those who live or work in NSW