Gaming delivers the majority of your club’s revenue and Marketing is the vital link in player development, player experience and communications with your gamers, yet these two business areas are often poles apart when it comes to understanding and collaboration.  This insightful, interactive, hands-on workshop aims to narrow that divide.

Gaming and gamers have changed. Many of the old rules and ideas simply don’t apply anymore. Gaming has become more complicated, while at the same time less concentrated. For clubs and pubs to be successful, gaming and marketing need to work closely and player communication and experience has to be improved.


Gaming managers need to understand what marketing can do to advance player development and ultimately their bottom line. Marketing is the communication arm of your business, but are you effectively engaged with your different gamers, or just guessing? Are gaming managers sharing data and information that marketers need to be more effective and are they tapping into marketing data to better understand their gamers and their different motivations? Are they using marketing profiles when making decisions on gaming purchases and floor layout?


Many marketers are still allocating most of their time and resources to club activities that do little to deliver to the bottom line. They need a better understanding of gaming and this class will get them on track.

Marketers require a better understanding of gaming needs, gamers motivations, how to communicate with different types of gamers and how to enhance the player experience.  When it comes to rewards and promotions, marketers must have a handle on what motivation a particular gamer, as well as understanding their return on investment (ROI) and how much they should be spending on these programs. Marketers also need to know what gaming data they should be looking at and tracking.

Course Highlights include:

  • the key areas of business focus with a strong emphasis on Gaming Marketing.
  • data analytics – and what data is key for decision making and reporting
  • the right machines for your market.
  • marketing’s role in the player experience
  • the different types of gamers and how to communicate effectively with them.
  • rewards programs – does yours drive revenue or is it just a cost of doing business?
  • strategic planning and budgeting compliance.
  • what ROI do your gaming promotions deliver?
  • communication, segmentation, targeting and new technologies

Attendees also receive a comprehensive workbook with essential templates for budgeting and reporting.




MONDAY 17 MAY 2021


21 Kittyhawk Dr, Chermside QLD 4032

$550 + GST + Booking Fee





Justine has over 30 years’ experience in the hospitality industry and has worked as an executive level manager in several large clubs and hotel groups across Australia. Her expertise and gaming knowledge started with product management roles with both Aristocrat and IGT, working with casinos, clubs and hotels across all Australian jurisdictions.  She spent two years in Europe for Aristocrat working with casinos and assisting with the introduction of Australian style gaming machines into the market.  For several years Justine managed IGT’s Gaming Analysis and Insights department, producing game performance and jurisdictional data for the business, along with high-level site-specific gaming analyses for all types of venues across Australia. For the last 15 years she has operated a successful gaming specialist company assisting clubs and hotels across Australia to increase gaming revenue and mentoring younger managers. Justine is the current editor and Managing Director of The Drop and contributes gaming articles regularly.


Linda is a recognised hospitality industry marketing specialist and influencer. She has spent over 15 years in the pub and club industry as a senior executive and creative consultant.  Linda has won more than 15 business and ClubNSW industry awards working with some of the foremost venues and is a regular speaker and presenter at conferences and workshops. She is one of the few hospitality marketers who has an in-depth knowledge of gaming and has developed a VIP Host Management program in conjunction with the Barrington Group. She is also a co-editor and editorial contributor for The Drop.

Prior to working in the hospitality industry, Linda was Executive Producer for a global music television network. She also worked in the creative department of some of the leading advertising and sales promotion agencies in the country, specialised in loyalty programs, licensing and marketing initiatives for companies like News Limited, NRL, Nine Network, KFC, ACP Magazines, 2UE, 7-Eleven, Coca-Cola, Westfield, Caltex and McDonalds.