Hospitality environments are subjected to high levels of foot traffic for long hours. With aesthetic value and good looks, underfoot comfort and durability also assume prominence when specifying flooring for hospitality projects. Enter Axminster carpets. With durable carpet construction and an ability to preserve colour for a long time, Axminster carpets offer astonishing solutions meeting all the needs of the hospitality industry and then some.

Unlimited design possibilities

The wool-rich carpet’s versatility can be attributed to its weaving style, and the use of state-of-the-art Axminster looms. With every piece of pile yarn woven individually into place – the most complex and intricate designs can be created in high definition, using several colours with utmost precision. Also, since the yarn is pre-dyed, colours feel more entrenched, patterns are sharper, and visually the carpet appears lush, rich and textured.  Pattern complexity is also no challenge, and designs can be as imaginative or artistic as desired.

Signature’s Design Studio offers a comprehensive range of designs. Get ready-to-wear Axminster – a collection of exclusive Signature designs combined with off-the-shelf convenience. A cost-effect solution for projects with tight turnarounds. Alternatively, opt for the Studio’s ready-to-weave and custom woven options. Signature’s Custom Axminster Program can take your creative flooring concepts, transforming them into beautiful and practical designs that infuse spaces with personality and luxury.

Durable and easy to maintain

Axminster’s unique construction process also lends it durability and appearance retention. This means the carpet not only withstands regular wear and tear, which is common in high-traffic hospitality spaces, it also stands up to the rigours of everyday cleaning. The wool-rich carpets also exhibit dirt-repelling and stain resisting properties.

Comfort and acoustic support

With an 80% wool and 20% nylon composition – Axminster carpets offer excellent noise mitigation, creating relaxed spaces that bring relief and comfort in hospitality environments. The weaving style of the carpet coupled with the use of wool further lends softness underfoot – making it exceptionally comfortable for employees who are required to stand through most of their workday. This automatically translates to more employee attentiveness and efficiency – ensuring guests and patrons are well looked after.

Improved indoor air quality

As a member of Green Building Council Australia – Signature’s woven Axminster carpets (like its other flooring products) help deliver healthy and positive hospitality environments. Wool, for instance, has very low emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC). In fact, research by AgResearch has found that – wool carpets help improve indoor air quality by absorbing common pollutants like formaldehyde, nitrogen dioxide and sulphur dioxide. It neutralises these chemicals and does not re-emit them, even when heated.

High on safety

Axminster’s woven and wool combination gives it an edge from a safety perspective too. The carpet protects better against falls and slips, reducing the risk of a major injury. What’s more, wool is naturally a flame-retarding material meaning it won’t burn as quickly as other synthetic fibres. Signature’s Axminster carpets are all naturally flame-resistant, meeting all flammability and fire code standards.

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