The acceptance of the New Dimension cabinets by customers and players has been extraordinary throughout the 2022-23 period. Supported with a broad range of games, this year’s 2023 AGE will again thrill our customers with more products and demonstrate that we have listened to what the market requires. No better example of this is King of Kings, that we showcased at last year’s AGE and from the feedback from our customers and internally, we made the decision to rework the game completely and will reveal the fully enhanced King of Kings at this year’s AGE. Be sure to check out the King.

Konami has listened to its customers on how to streamline serviceability and how to maximise content exposure. The resulting collaborative feature and functionality improvements have been made a priority in the design of both cabinets and content. Incorporated into this design is an easy open drop-down door to access the cabinet, 3 x Ultra High-Definition displays for the D27, a 4K screen for the D49F and a “Massive” 75-inch curved screen on the 75C along with, Dual Bash buttons and a sleek modern look and feel. All games designed for the Dimension 27 (D27) are available on the Dimension 49 (D49) allowing an extensive range of game content on this cabinet as well as dedicated D49 games.

Continuous Improvement and Support

The Golden Strike series available in both SAP and Link continues to perform across both cabinets and we continue to create and launch new successful game titles like “Bees Knees” and the ever popular “Viking Valhalla” with more to come. Bull Rush is by far one of the popular of the Konami brands and continues to be supported with additional titles. On the back of the great success of Maximus Money we’ve recently launched Bull Rush Wild Outback! Expect more games to come to support this great series.

Making and delivering new innovative games like “Star Boost” and “Wild Envelopes” for the Dimension 49 cabinets has been super successful showcasing that games that aren’t Hold and Spin have a place on your floors. So much so that we will develop more games to support these New Themes from Konami.

So what’s “NEW” Around the World, King of Kings and Kapow Pig…….

Keep an eye out for three New Themes from Konami, the recently released Around the World series has launched with the first two games London and Egypt hitting the floors just prior to AGE.  The next game Japan isn’t far away, and we will continue to bring more destination based games in the next 6 months to grow your “Around the World” footprint. The second new theme is the revitalised “King of Kings” with two games “Cupids Arrow” and “Fortune Fiesta”.  The new Feature allows players to ‘Level Up’ and improve their wins with multipliers, credit prizes and jackpots. Be sure to see this latest version of King of Kings!


Kpow!!! If you think of 70’s retro taking the gaming market out with a “Punch”, Konami will demonstrate its latest theme “Kpow Pig” launching with three new titles and three different free game features at the AGE. Check out the most powerful performing pig in the game.

“Continuing on from the success Bull Rush, Golden Strike one of the top performing games, the extensive range of New Themes “Star Boost”, “Wild Envelopes”, “Around the World”, “King of Kings” and the knockout “Kapow Pig” offer an immense range of games to support your floors. the Konami Team look forward to launching more great games with creative new themes through 2023 and beyond.”

David Punter – Operations Manager Sales, Marketing and Service ANZ and APAC