Wild Rumble

At AGE 2023 Aristocrat will feature two new Wild Rumble games, Happy Tiki and Shen Shan which are some of the range of new games at the show. These SAP (NSW) and Link (QLD) games aim to change up play with a shift to five-of-a-kind wins. Most of the RTP% is in the base game, with stacks of wilds, bigger cash on reel prizes and more multipliers making the game fast and fun.

These games have a simple and easy feel and are designed for quick and entertaining periods of play.  Surprisingly, there are no free games and no hold and spin feature in the Wild Rumble games. Instead, all that RTP% has been put back into quick five-of-a kind payouts.  Stacks of red fire balls, acting as wilds across the three centre reels, increase the chance of gaining a five-of-a-kind win. The extra RTP% in the base game also allows larger cash on reels prizes, and more multipliers during game play.

Wild Rumble Volcano Feature

In Happy Tiki and Shen Shan multipliers (x2 or x3) can be used to trigger the jackpot feature. When a player lands a blue fireball on the screen that includes a X2 or X3 multiplier displayed on it, players have the chance to move into the volcano feature. The feature again focuses on fast and fun and reveals a “pick ‘em” feature where players must match three symbols to win. The idol symbols reveal Grand, Major, Minor and Mini Jackpots for players to match. The multiplier on the original blue fireball trigger multiplies whatever jackpot is matched by that multiplier value, (except for the Grand Jackpot). For example, a player who wins a Minor Jackpot with a $20 value will have their win multiplied X2 or X3.

Once the feature is completed, players return to the game screen where all Wilds transform to cash on reel amounts. The multiplier on the blue fireball will also apply to these cash on reel amounts won in the Wild Rumble Feature.

Game Specs

In NSW/ACT, Wild Rumble is available as a SAP with an $8,000 and a $5,000 start-up. In QLD these games are available as a link, with a $15,000 and a $10,000 start-up.

The multi-denomination choices cover 1c, 2c, 5c, 10c, $1 and the important $2 option for NSW, and is available for Mars X and Helix X machines.

This game also comes with Aristocrats FlexiPlay option which gives players the choice to manage their gaming session by enabling players to voluntarily set time limits and quarantine winnings from being played down via the timer and piggy bank functions.

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Happy Tiki Wild Rumble and Shen Shan Wild Rumble have been designed for fast and entertaining play.  With no free games, the additional game percentage is added back directly to the base game through a larger number of “Wilds” that assist them to achieve five-of-a-kind pays more frequently. The addition of more multipliers, more frequent features and larger cash on reels prizes will prove very popular.