Gaming room privacy screens can make a huge difference to how your gaming floor looks and performs. A number of studies have shown that more privacy can increase gaming revenue.

But how do you achieve more privacy and still create an attractive room?

The answer lies in looking at how all the elements of your privacy screen work together with your gaming room. There are four main elements to consider :

  1. Screen Style
  2. Screen Frame
  3. Screen Patterns
  4. Screen Thickness.

all of which will affect both privacy and the room look and flow.

  1. Screen Style

Most screen suppliers will have a range of styles to choose from. and Capital Design is no different.

For example, Capital Design has 8 main styles to suit different gaming room designs. Some have solid panels like the Havana, Cayman Privacy, Slat and Panel and others are patterned like the Ibiza, Cayman Duo, Ayama and Galaxy.

When you are choosing a screen style, you should also think about whether you want the screen the same depth as the Poker Machine bases or a greater depth, so it affords a little more privacy.

  1. Screen Frame

You can usually make the screen frame the same as the poker machine base colour so It blends in better. That way, you have a great screen that complements the overall look.

screen3  screen4

  1. Screen Pattern

When choosing a screen pattern, you should not only consider the screen itself but also look at other factors such as carpet or wall patterns and choose a screen pattern that will complement.

  1. Screen Thickness

Finally, once you’ve picked your design frame and pattern, you need to think about screen thickness.

Do you have:

  1. Only one deco type panel which can usually be made from a Vinyl, 2mm Steel, Routed Polyurethane or other alternative material such as routed galaxy?
  2. A deco panel one side and have a solid panel on the other side?
  3. Two deco panels with a solid panel in between?
  4. Two deco panels with a solid panel and illumination in between?

These options will afford different levels of privacy and by having illumination will create an entirely different mood through the light diffusion.

Choosing the right gaming room privacy screens that enhance your gaming floor’s look and feel will go a long way to helping improve your customer’s gaming experience.

The experienced team at Capital Design can guide you through choosing the right poker machine bases and gaming room privacy screens to ensure you get the best results for your gaming floor

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