Businesses today face increasing pressure from competition, at rates never experienced before. An article in Ad Age states that consumers show signs of decreasing brand loyalty as an abundance of alternative products/services become available. Disruptive factors creating new layers of convenience and novelty, coupled with the wide variety of alternatives mean that if a customer doesn’t receive the experience they expect, they are likely to explore other alternatives.

The Club Industry in Australia is no exception to this. It is facing competition from other sources of entertainment and leisure activities. This is happening at a time when the industry is approaching a growth plateau, where member churn and low numbers of new member registrations are becoming a notable trend. To truly stand out, Clubs need to focus their efforts on providing guests with quality customer experiences.

With Clubs, guest experiences depend on the services offered, execution of these services and interactions with guest-facing employees. This entails a combination of the Club environment, the customers’ journey to achieve what they’ve set out to, staff interaction that the customers have, and back-end processes involved in ensuring the smooth delivery of services.

Clearly, employees play a critical role in ensuring that all these aspects are up to the mark and either meet or exceed guest expectations. As such, the level of employee engagement with their organisation determines the quality of service provided and hence the level of customer satisfaction achieved. Research shows that organisations with ‘engaged’ employees outperform those without by 202%.

Poor employee engagement can have various negative repercussions on a Club, that could include member churn and/or unfavourable word-of-mouth. A Forrester report states that customers are more likely to talk about either a ‘bad’ or a ‘great’ experience. Positive guest/member word-of-mouth is probably one of the best endorsements a Club can receive.

High Employee Engagement = Good Guest Experiences = Positive Word-of-mouth = Member Retention and Potential for new Registrations.

To date, there is no clear measure of Club industry employee engagement in Australia.

In an industry first, BULLSEYE CX has crafted a psychometrically accurate and highly reliable Employee Engagement Survey to fill this void. It has been designed by Professor Sudhir Kalé, PhD., one of the most respected names in the gaming industry.

The short, accurate Employee Engagement Survey will yield actionable insights to improve the level of engagement of your employees. Additionally, your Club will be able to benchmark engagement scores against the Club industry and itself over time.

Results of the survey will help reveal critical factors influencing your Club’s employee engagement and help identify the keys to maintaining a highly engaged workforce. You will be able to prioritise strategies targeted at enhancing employee engagement and track the effectiveness of these strategies over time.

To register or for more information on the Employee Engagement Survey, please contact Brett Jones, Senior Advisor at BULLSEYE CX on 0435 812 177 or Email at .

Registrations Close on 30th April 2018.

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