1. Your name, your club and your position.

Anthony Field, Itsmyclub, Group Assistant Manager: Bomaderry Bowling Club, Berry Bowling Club, Bomaderry RSL Club and Nowra Golf Club

2. What is your biggest or has been your biggest challenge with the club and your role?

I would say the biggest challenge in my role is two things People and Time. People can be challenging from any number of the thousands of members and guests we have to the 150+ staff across 4 venues. Each one being unique and have their own reasons for interacting with the club. Which then has the consequence of time, time being precious to us all, the wants and needs of members and guests and the wants and needs of the staff to service them. Then taking into consideration the operational efficiency of each venue to remain financially viable, but also the core objectives of why each club exists.

3. What has been some of your achievements or highlights since being at the club?

Personally, I believe one of the main achievements I have gained through my employment at the Club is not one that can be quantified through certifications or formal training. It is personal growth. Being able to pause, listen and consider situations, then take action. But also knowing that it is just as important to take stock of a particular situation, seek advice, take the appropriate time to consider all the options and alternatives prior to making the best decision for the club, which is not always the best financial decision for the club, but likely the best operational decision. I believe a good mentor is just as important as a piece of paper.

4. Is there a piece of advice or something compelling you have learnt that you can pass on to our readers and up and coming managers.

Being a Manager, does not always mean you are right. Whilst the outcome of decisions are indeed solely your responsibility, ensure that you make them for the right reasons and have considered a 360 deg view of the situation vs the consequence of your decision on club, members, but also taking in consideration the impact to the employee. Sometimes you might be surprised with the situations that people endure that may contribute to their behaviour and performance.


When you believe another club official is about to make a decision that you believe may require more conversation, ensure you have the relationships and mutual respect to bring it to their attention and discuss openly. Respect that whilst you may have made a different decision, support the one that was made.

5. Outside of the club and your role there, do you have any hobbies or passions? Tell us a bit about you?

I live with my family consisting of 4 children and my wife Kim. We have, during my years at the Club, built 4 homes and moved 7 times, so I would say one interest is real estate. I also have a keen interest in Information Technology whilst at home and work. I often have what would seem to be a pile of electronics or “junk”, always with best intentions of implementing that new piece of IT for family, staff and/or members. Which I must say is ever evolving and after each install wanting to increase the height of the bar and start looking for the next best thing. Although this is at the frustration of my wife, who often comments that she does not even know how to turn the TV on, which, of course, is quite easy, if you know how.