Contemporary bathroom facilities in all hospitality venues are improving so much they are becoming talking points. There’s even a national competition for the best bathroom with Merrylands RSL a finalist last year after spending almost $300,000 on their bathrooms designed to achieve a 5-star luxurious look and feel. Recent winners of the award include Brisbane International Airport terminal and for 2019 the award has just been won by Blacktown’s Westpoint Shopping Centre – not businesses that you would have rated for top bathroom facilities a few years ago.

A study conducted back in 2011 originally confirmed that unclean bathrooms can lead to lost business. When asked what types of businesses participants would avoid if they encountered dirty restrooms 79% of respondents put restaurants and hotels at the top of the list. Additionally, 86% of respondents in a different study equated the condition of a restaurant’s bathroom with the condition of its kitchens.

In a more recent study (2016) a key takeaway is that patrons think poorly of businesses with dirty restrooms because “a messy restroom signifies poor management and shows the business doesn’t care about its appearance or its customers”

The biggest aggravations (which are all easy to fix when you are alerted to them):

  1. empty or jammed toilet paper dispensers
  2. cubicle doors that don’t latch
  3. an overall dirty or unkempt appearance
  4. empty or jammed towel or soap dispensers

Key enhancements they would like to see in public restrooms include more frequent cleaning, access to all touchless fixtures, regular stocking of materials and lots of paper towels—even if dryers are available

These results not only point to the importance of clean, functional bathrooms, they also underscore the need for ongoing and thorough procedures for employees cleaning and maintaining bathrooms.

BTG offers a solution for clubs and hotels to keep on top of bathroom cleanliness even during the busiest periods, with their “Rate ME” Restroom customer survey. This equipment allows your customers to rate the facilities and any unacceptable rating is sent through the Connect paging service, or directly to a smart phone, to alert managers that the bathrooms need to be prioritised. The software can also produce reports showing the overall ratings at different days/times so proactive cleaning rosters can be included for staff.

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