“Innovation is our tradition.” Aruze Gaming has cultivated a spirit of innovation in product development for long time and our R&D team is committed to delivering innovative and exciting games that meet the Australian market expectations. We have an exciting slot game portfolio with robust and innovative game designs by focusing on standalone progressive products for Australia.

Our newest top-performing game series Co Co Coin and Fortune Mystery continuously generate great results with their strong performance and player acceptance. Other remarkable and proven game series Bound For Riches, Cannonball, Wild Tales and Coin Collector continue to show outstanding performance based results and reinforce Aruze’s growth in the past 5 years.

Following the current success, the company also has a plan to release three new thrilling game series  Diamond Prize, Fortune Drums and Sunlight to offer next level of excitement and fun for the player.

  • Diamond Prize provides an exciting experience with successive chains of prize collecting features.
  • Fortune Drums creates fortune moments of prize collecting features with inspiring sound of drums.
  • Sunlight offers entertaining experiences designed to appeal to a broad range of players with an interactive jackpot feature.

Diamond Prize Oriental Princess will be coming soon and another two in the  series will follow in the near future once they are approved.

The Aruze Gaming team is keen to continue the success that it has generated in recent times, and we appreciate the relationship that we have with our customers through their support.


For more information, please contact the Aruze Gaming sales team.