Beer may be central to Australia’s sense of national identity, but it’s the not the country’s most popular alcoholic beverage.  That particular honour now goes to wine according to new research from Roy Morgan.

While 37.6% of Australian adults drank beer in any given four-week period last year, 45.1% drank wine. And that trend is largely driven by female drinkers.

The research found that 45.1 percent of Australian adults drink wine in any given four week period, while 37.6 percent say they drink beer – a trend which Roy Morgan says is being led by the popularity of wine amongst the female population.

During 2015, 4.6 million of Australian women 18+ (or 49.0 percent of the adult female population) drank some kind of wine in an average four weeks, compared to 3.7 million of men (41.2 percent). Of the wine consumed, white wine proved to be the most popular drop amongst female drinkers coming in at 69.3 percent. This is followed by red wine (56.3 percent), sparkling (42.3 percent) and fortified (9.3 percent).

In addition to this, 18.4 percent of female wine drinkers say that they drink red, white and sparkling wine in any given four-week period.

Although women outnumber men when it comes to wine-drinking incidence, the volume each gender consumes is fairly similar. Two-thirds of female wine drinkers and nearly 63 percent of their male counterparts report consuming less than 15 glasses of wine per four weeks.

Even among heavier drinkers – those consuming more than 43 glasses of wine per four-week period – the difference between men (10.6 percent) and women (7.5 percent) is not that dissimilar.

Beer remains the clear favourite among Aussie men, consumed by 58.1 percent of them in any given four weeks,” says Andrew Price, general manager – consumer products, Roy Morgan Research.

“There is frequently a social dimension to Aussie women’s wine-drinking: over 45 percent consume it in a licensed venue  and nearly 41 percent drink it at friends’/relatives’ homes.

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