Innovation is more than just a buzzword at Pittwater; it’s a way of life.

Under the visionary leadership of CEO Jason Manning and Pittwater’s dynamic Board of Directors, the Club has consistently broken boundaries, defying convention, and redefining industry norms, leading to recent unprecedented growth and community engagement for the Club.

The mantra at Pittwater over the past three years has been clear “Innovate – Innovate – Innovate”.

This unwavering commitment to innovation has been the driving force behind the Club’s recent successes, setting a benchmark for the industry with Pittwater’s series of groundbreaking initiatives that have captured the community’s imagination. The most recent initiatives are as follows:

  1. The Ultimate Winter Wonderland Ice Skating Experience

Pittwater unveiled a pop up 250 square metre all-weather ice-skating rink, bringing holiday cheer to the heart of the community in July 2023. This audacious move proved that embracing innovation can lead to thrilling, unexpected experiences for patrons who had access to an affordable school holiday activity without having to leave The Northern Beaches.

  1. Outdoor Dining Redefined with Dining Domes

The Club introduced Christmas in July style rooftop dining domes on its outdoor deck over July and August, a concept that accommodated up to 8 dining guests per dome for a unique dining experience ‘under the stars’. Transforming the outdoor Deck area into a ‘Winter Wonderland’ complete with large scale Christmas light installations this imaginative approach to dining has not only captivated patrons but also demonstrated Pittwater’s commitment to providing unforgettable experiences.

  1. Strengthening Community Bonds

With a focus on community engagement, Pittwater has engaged in strategic partnerships, sponsoring over fifteen new community Clubs who are very active across the Northern Beaches across a range of sporting codes and interest groups. The reach of these Clubs extends to over 20,000 players and supporters, fostering a sense of togetherness and unity and identifies Pittwater as the ‘heart’ and meeting centre of the community.

  1. Expanding Brand Presence

In a strategic move, the Club increased its branding across more than 10 new locations throughout the area. This expansion not only bolsters Pittwater’s identity but also enhances its visibility within the community.

  1. Elevating Social Media Presence

Recognising the power of social media, Pittwater aimed to boost its Facebook and Instagram profiles through targeted initiatives. These efforts have paid off with impressive results that underscore the Club’s modern approach to engagement both on and offline.

  1. Investing in the Community’s Future

In an inspiring gesture, Pittwater committed $20,000 to women’s resilience programs in the local area, announced at a special event celebrating International Women’s Day earlier in the year with guest speaker, International Best Seller Sarah Wilson. This announcement reinforced the Club’s dedication to its community and inclusivity.

But the proof of the success really is in the data, and the numbers tell a remarkable story:

  • A staggering 38% increase in membership highlights the Club’s growing appeal and popularity.
  • A phenomenal 150% surge in venue functions and events held by Pittwater’s community partners underscores the positive impact of these partnerships.
  • The introduction of unique experiences like the Ice Skating Spectacular and the Dining Domes led to an impressive 25% rise in food and beverage spending over the period.
  • Over 9,200 website visits directly fed from social media ads in the three months leading up to the Winter Wonderland events.
  • 3 million impressions on Pittwater’s social media ads in the three months leading up to the Winter festivities.
  • Just under 1,700 new Facebook fans over the same period.


The Club partners with Axis IQ for management of their marketing needs which played a pivotal role in crafting these initiatives and successfully launching them to the marketplace. With data as their guiding light, Pittwater was able to drive in venue results, and its social media presence to new heights, leading to quantifiable results.

However, it’s not just about numbers; it’s about the passion and dedication that fuel these endeavours.

Pittwater’s approach to challenges and the team’s unwavering commitment have been the cornerstones of Pittwater’s success.

While the journey may have been challenging at times, Mr. Manning’s philosophy of not dwelling on setbacks has paved the way for constant progress.

Mr Manning attests that the support of Pittwater’s Board has been instrumental, “The Board of Pittwater understand the importance of their roles and their impact on the leadership team has created an environment where execution and delivery thrive”.

Pittwater’s journey is a testament to the power of innovation and collaboration. As the Club continues to blaze new trails, it stands as an inspiration to industry peers, demonstrating that embracing innovation at every level can lead to remarkable achievements, solidifying its place as a trailblazer in the industry.