Carina Leagues Club is doubling donations this coming financial year in a milestone club record.

More than a dozen local Brisbane schools and community projects are set to receive additional funding this year, with Carina Leagues Club announcing it has doubled its community donations program to a million dollars.

Queensland’s community clubs have long played a critical role in supporting communities, fostering a safe, strong, and healthy Queensland. These clubs are vital community hubs, providing spaces for social interaction, shared values, and a sense of belonging, which strengthens the social fabric and promotes community cohesion.

Carina Leagues Club, established in 1971, has been at the forefront of supporting local welfare through various initiatives, including the development of facilities, club sponsorships, and community support programs, having donated over $25 million to date.

The club has committed $1 million in the 2023-24 financial year to partner with organisations across mental health, domestic violence, education, sporting and women’s programs in the local area.

Funding commitments have already been made to StandByU Foundation, Small Steps 4 Hannah and various sporting organisations with criteria centred on programs that enhance the wellbeing, safety, accessibility and inclusiveness of the community.

As a 100% community-driven club, Carina Leagues Club is committed to reinvesting every cent of profit back into the community in meaningful ways. Whether it’s funding sporting clubs to ensure young kids can engage in physical activities or constructing new facilities like the Clem Jones Centre, Carina Leagues Club is committed to their community.

Carina Leagues Club Chairman Wade Core said the increased funding would deliver targeted investments to meet changing community needs.

“Whether that’s through increased access to programs that promote children’s physical activity, providing financial support to local mental health charities, sponsoring local school events, to furthering opportunities for girls and women to participate in sport.”

Carina Leagues Club General Manager Doug Wakefield said club members often don’t realise the impact they have when they come through the doors for a family meal, an after-work schooner or a morning coffee date.

“Many people don’t realise that every visit to a community club has a profound impact, because club profits are reinvested back into programs that directly support the welfare of their own community,” Mr Wakefield said.

“At our core, we’re just local people who are passionate about supporting our community to be the best it can be. A safe, welcoming place to live, work and play.”


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