Great progress has been made in simplifying the transition from venue-based security solutions to cloud- based deployment. This progress is being driven by the simple idea that size should not matter when it comes to getting the benefits delivered from the cloud.

Whether you are a small business in a single location or a large business with multiple venues you should be able to access the cloud’s cost-saving and operational potential.

Exact Technologies recently demonstrated Ava Cloud Security* at the AHG EXPO in Brisbane. CEO, Steve Van Zwieten told us:

“There was great interest in cloud-based security – there has been for a while – but there has been a fear of the cost and difficulty to change. The beauty of Ava is that you don’t have to rip and replace your existing cameras and systems. So, yeah, the response at AHG was really positive and enthusiastic.” 

Cloud-first security makes for simpler installation, management, and use – and it lowers operational costs. Ava Video Security has the cloud at its very core – Ava is not just riding a wave. Ava’s focus is on 3 key areas of development that enable the creation of better products to meet today’s needs while having an eye on the future:

  1. The most scalable cloud with friction-free transition.
  2. Analytics for the all the cameras, with high velocity.
  3. The most open cloud platform to leverage existing infrastructure.

The open platform protocol makes Ava Cloud Security highly flexible with hardware, meaning it allows for the use of existing equipment (cameras must be ONVIF compliant) with all its bells and whistles.

Ava Cloud Video Security allows inputs from other systems, it integrates with other processing tools and allows outputs to other third-party integrations (eg communications systems for real time alerts). The consequence is that customers need not fear being “locked-in” and can expect significant benefits from transitioning to the cloud via Ava.

Steve sums it up nicely,

“Moving to the cloud is no longer a hard-line decision. You should not feel like you need to throw out your existing investment not now, not ever.”

Ava Cloud Video Security is now one of the premium technology solutions available through Exact Technologies whose expertise and experience in our industry is unrivalled.

Your first step to finding out more about Ava is to watch the video on Exact’s website: Rethink Security With AVA

(*Note: Ava Cloud Video Security is undergoing a transition and will soon be known as Avigilon Alta, a change you will undoubtedly be hearing more about.)

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