CLUBCO are excited to launch Craft Beer by the keg.

While traditional beer consumption in Australia is at a 65-year low, the Australian craft beer movement is experiencing a surge in popularity and exponential growth. Changing consumer tastes, and the shift from quantity to quality have seen the craft beer movement flourish with a projected growth of 5% per annum over the next five years

CLUBCO has partnered with three quality brewers to offer eight excellent craft beers and one cider in 50L kegs, making it easy for clubs to take the first steps to try, buy and simplify the transition into craft beer.

David Borean, General Manager of CLUBCO said “We’re making it easy for a club to buy and test craft with their customers – they can buy heaps, buy a few or buy just one keg – and CLUBCO will provide all the relevant POS and decals needed, while the brewer will provide tastings, training and education for the staff of the club.”

CLUBCO’s craft range comes from three Sydney breweries and has been selected to appeal to the two most significant beer drinking segments for venues; mainstream beer drinkers and entry-level craft drinkers. They are:

  • Young Henrys – Newtowner, Natural and Cloudy Cider
  • Stockade Brewing Co – Duel Hoppy Lager, Chop Shop Pale Ale, 8 Bit IPA, The Sesh Golden Ale
  • Basement Brewhouse – Pale Ale, Kolsch

Developing traditional beer drinkers into craft beer drinkers is a win for venues resulting in increased spend, profitability and customer experience.  However getting craft beer into their hand can be a huge first step.

One of the biggest hurdles for this market is cost. While they may enjoy a craft beer if offered to them, they can be resistant to the increased spend associated with it. With this in mind, CLUBCO Craft has sourced beers at prices that are comparable or in some cases, below traditional brands. These products can be ranged alongside mainstream brands at the same retail price, removing the barrier of pricing for drinkers, while still increasing profitability for venues.

Entry level Craft drinkers have already taken this step and are looking to try new things.  CLUBCO Craft has a range of “gateway” beers, together with some recognizable brands, to help them continue to explore the category while still being competitively priced and approachable.



Finding the right way to range craft beer is important for both venues and the on-premise beer industry as a whole, while change may not be immediate, CLUBCO Craft is here to help venues capitalise on a growing category in a declining market.

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