This year’s CMAA mid-year conference is hosted at Panthers Penrith on 22-24 July with a timely focus on Promoting Loyalty and Trust in your Brand. The conference this year offers eight important knowledge sessions designed for CEOs, Operations Managers, as well as Marketing and HR professionals.  The dinner, this year hosted by guest speaker and media personality Slammin’ Sam Kekovitch, along with a pre-conference welcome and networking session the night before the conference starts, provides a social opportunity to reconnect with peers.

The first two sessions on Day 1 are presented by Adam Posner CEO, The Point of Loyalty, and author of “For Love or Money”. There are many discussions in the club market currently about running effective loyalty programs and how to use it to drive your business, particularly in the face of possible regulation changes around tiering. This is one area of your business you want to be ahead of the curve on if you are serious about cost reductions and effective marketing investment. Adam will be sharing a Five Benefit model with attendees to assist in moving from a transactional to an emotional driven loyalty programme.

Paul di Michiel is a LinkedIn expert that can help you use the platform with its unique difference as a business networking medium (rather than a social one) to build a brand for both your club and yourself.

Andy Lark is a Marketing and Digital Leader with a work history that includes the CMO of CBA, Xero and Foxtel. He will offer tactics on using budget to drive marketing, maximizing spend, and the reasons why many marketing investments don’t work so that your business can avoid the pitfalls.

Many of the operational level jobs in the club industry are much less interesting than they were 20 years ago and there is a risk of low enthusiasm and motivation among employees that can negatively affect the customer experience. Dr James Adonis is a specialist in using staff to build a customer centric culture by refocusing and empowering staff to see the fundamental connection between their work and customers.

The idea of taking a break from the “work” of your work to sharpen your skills is listed as the seventh habit of highly effective people. You always come back from a conference with fresh ideas that make you a more effective and efficient manager and the CMAA Midyear conference is a great opportunity to do just that. Conferences like this allow you to meet with experts face-to-face, network with peers and discover new tools to make your work interesting, with tips and tactics designed to improve your approach.

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