FloorSafe: Gaming Marshal application

A toolbox for Responsible Gambling Officers to ensure effortless compliance with ClubsNSW Gaming Code of Practice.

FloorSafe’s Digital Incident Register integrates with all major Gaming and Membership systems, providing pre-populated forms with scaled indicators allowing for welfare checks and incidents to be easily documented in a timely, accurate and efficient manner.

FloorSafe, however, is so much more than just an online incident register form, providing real-time alerts of potential at-risk behaviour and high-risk activity, as well as daily insights into configurable behaviour markers. With real-time notifications and escalations, as well as ‘break-in-play’ vouchers, your Service Team can promptly and discretely respond to your customer’s needs and ensure your venue offers a safe and enjoyable gaming experience.

FloorSafe is stored on venue specific servers, so your data is secure and not shared beyond your venue. FloorSafe can be automated to escalate records to other third parties such as BetSafe and ERM (at the venue’s request) for seamless compatibility with your operations.


redeemX started the initiative with industry associations in 2018 based on best practice guidelines outlined by UNSW and research partners, releasing FloorSafe to manage critical information and record interactions. FloorSafe has since been developed further to include the ability to escalate actions based on industry recognised warning signs and for staff to cross check each incident.

While only ClubsNSW members are bound by the code, it is in our industry’s best interest to adopt practices that go above and beyond compliance and regulatory requirements to ensure the protection of our customers and greater community.

Come and see the redeemX team at Stand 630 for your training and implementation plan, or to see how FloorSafe can be introduced practically and cost-effectively to protect your players and your business. Book a time at AGE with us here.