One vital aspect of the gaming service that is often overlooked until it becomes completely necessary to replace it, is the gaming paging system. These systems have become an integral component of the player experience.

Players and customers in general across the whole hospitality market have become less patient with a delay in service. We have come to expect that we are immediately connected with anything we could possibly want at the touch of a button. Technology has made us dependent on the idea of always being connected with our smartphones, computers and now our watches all programmed to provide us with immediate information, entertainment and communication at any given time. How do you think your gamers will react when they hit a button for service and the delayed response makes them feel unnoticed, unimportant and uninvolved? Resolving this issue is more than just hitting a button and sending a page to staff. It requires strategic management of both the floor and staff that only detailed data and analysis reporting can supply.

Already the convergence of mobile, social, and consumer technologies are driving industry change, and technology will increasingly play a significant role in the service delivery process and contribute to how members perceive the quality of their hospitality experiences. Any gaming-related system must maintain the player experience at the top of the priority list and the benchmark for service times in many clubs now is 1 minute. Gaming paging systems must be driven by the same level of technology and immediate demand to meet customer’s needs.

In the BTG Connect Pro gaming paging system, technology-driven design has been the focus of development trends, in order to meet contemporary customer needs. Connect Pro has moved away from simple grey/black one-way displays, and provides an easy to use Windows based GUI for managers, and cloud-based data storage providing real-time reporting tools. Benchmarking response times for staff in different areas of the gaming floor adds to the ability for strategic rostering to ensure you never lose a customer and provides the ability to incentivise staff for greater service efficiencies.

Two-way communication devices as well as smart phones and smart watches along with existing pagers can easily be integrated to manage service calls, escalations and breaks. Cost efficiencies are further enhanced by using wearable smartwatches that can’t be dropped from a service trays.

If your gaming paging system can’t:

  • Seamlessly interface to Odyssey and Maxgaming with more information, call to action responses and full reporting using state of the art reliable devices,
  • Connect and work with existing pagers, smart watches, two-way devices, and smartphones through an app on a Windows platform
  • Provide reports for all areas of the gaming floor, by days, shifts, and hours, for strategic management and development of staff service incentives
  • Touchscreen capable with two-way comms
  • Talk to any POS, and gaming loyalty system

…then you are falling behind the technology that can provide you with the information required to deliver to the customer what the customer now expects. When customers are waiting at a machine, a minute can feel like 5 minutes.

For Queensland BTG, the supplier of the Connect VIP Paging System, has joined with Starrtec Solutions in their offices in Murarrie giving better access to fast service and hands-on solutions. Local casinos and many larger clubs such as Caboolture Group, Kedron Wavell RSL, Carina Leagues, Currumbin RSL, CSI Group, Seagulls and Lions Clubs have already worked out that the BTG Connect Gaming Paging platform easily integrates into their existing POS and loyalty systems, and across many devices,  giving them a market advantage.

BTG will provide a free 3 month evaluation with Connect Pro, to enable you to compare the benefits over your existing solution. BTG is a managed service solution which includes all hardware, software, support and training with a fixed monthly fee per machine, and no long term contract required. If you are happy, pay your monthly invoice, if not, you can cancel at any time after the free 3 month trial period. It simply does not get any easier than this! Call BTG today on 1300 367 177

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