Built for the industry, by the industry & already used by hundreds of venues.

Well before the ClubsNSW Gaming Code of Practice was introduced earlier this year, the need for a dynamic solution to tackle the complex issues associated with problem gambling had already been recognised back in 2020. This was when cherrycheck®, a game-changing mobile app was born from the visionary minds of gaming industry experts Frank and Amanda Makryllos, in collaboration with technology entrepreneur Craig Kinross.

They knew the traditional approach of managing compliance from behind a desk, with ad hoc incident notes and manual reporting, was no longer sufficient, and recognised the pressing need for a more accessible and timely way to capture and log incidents, observations, and conversations on the gaming floor.

The result was Cherrycheck®, an easy-to-use mobile app with accessibility as key, allowing it to be used anywhere and anytime. To validate its usability and relevance, the creators approached Canterbury League Club (CCL), one of NSW’s leading venues, for testing and evaluation. Impressed with the concept, CCL provided seed funding to bring the project to life.

Billy Bogoeski, Gaming Manager at CCL, highlighted one of cherrycheck®’s major benefits: its ‘on-the-fly’ convenience. “It can be accessed and used quickly, and it’s an intuitive system,” he noted. “Some staff can be hesitant to engage with a customer and might be unsure of what to say or record. Cherrycheck® takes the guesswork out of the situation with an incident list and speech prompts to assist staff.”

Canterbury League Club utilises cherrycheck® to review problematic gambling behaviour indicators and aligned them with the ClubsNSW Code of Practice. The platform allows for the customisation of indicators to suit the venue’s specific needs. Jonathan Brain, COO of Canterbury League Club, emphasised the app’s adaptability, stating, “The beauty of the app is that it is adjustable to suit your venue and any particular issues you may encounter.”

Integration with third-party systems, such as facial recognition technology (FRT), marked a significant step forward in efficiency, usability, and customer care. Brain pointed out the previous challenges: “You used to get notified of a self-excluded member by email, back of house. Then you had to try and memorise the image and look for that person. Some venues even had printed images in the back of the house – but these people aren’t criminals; they should be treated with respect, and their privacy is important.”

Bogoeski added that cherrycheck® not only provides support for staff but also maintains a trail of actions taken, ensuring a system of enhanced customer care. He noted that members also appreciate the system’s proactive approach. “We used to have to wait for a customer to flag a problem, but this system is proactive and improves our duty of care with a list of problematic behaviours. When it comes to self-exclusion, cherrycheck® allows us to discreetly talk to the person and provides suggested comments to help staff deal with the situation. It even shows how to go about changing their status if that is what they wish to do. It has been a great bonus.”

cherrycheck® also aids in investigating Anti-Money Laundering (AML) incidents, tracking both carded and uncarded play, recording times and locations of incidents, and responses.

“Security is paramount, and it is encouraging to know that the cherrycheck® system is managed here in Australia, not in Las Vegas or elsewhere overseas,” said Jonathon Brain. “It means we get instant access and service when we need it – no time delays – just an immediate response.”


ClubsNSW has endorsed Cherrycheck® as the leading solution for clubs to meet the Club Gaming Code of Practice. Responding to this validation, a Cherrycheck® LITE version of the app is available free for all ClubsNSW venues. This version can be used on iOS, Android, and PC Web Browsers, facilitating the capture, recording, and reporting of Configurable Responsible Service of Gaming Incidents.

Already downloaded and used by hundreds of clubs, this is a pivotal opportunity for your venue to test the value, time-saving, and seamless integration of cherrycheck® into your day-to-day operations, and importantly meet your compliance obligations without any initial financial commitment.

The Cherrycheck® app offers modular upgrades including:

  • Responsible Service of Gambling (RSG) – LITE (as provided in collaboration with ClubsNSW)
  • Responsible Service of Gambling (RSG) – Full Version
  • AML/CTF Module, inclusive of the collection of Know Your Customer (KYC) information.

These modules can be provided as standalone units or fully integrated into gaming machine and patron software systems.

Cherrycheck® remains an evolving system, committed to improving and adapting to changing requirements and management practices.

For more information about cherrycheck® and the full range of cherryhub® products for all clubs and pubs contact:

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