The Gaming Technologies Association (GTA) is a strong supporter of honest and balanced information on the Australian gaming industry.   Each year the World Count of Gaming Machines Report, commissioned by GTA, includes the most accurate count of legal gaming machines around the world and puts the number of machines currently operating in Australia into perspective

The research, conducted through regulatory bodies, government sources, private company research, gaming industry bodies and directly from locations where machines are installed, is carried out to help dispel some of the media myths surrounding the proportion of gaming machines in Australia.

Australia was estimated to have 196,301 machines installed in 2018, a reduction of 720 machines from the previous year. And only 2.6% of the world total of 7,402,395.

The report confirms that Australian gaming machines have some of the world’s lowest maximum bet limits.  All jurisdictions around Australia, except for Victoria, saw a decline in machine numbers compared to the previous year.

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