Digital Wallets

No one carries cash in Australia anymore, but our gaming machines still demand it… all that is about to change with the biggest technology shift in the gaming industry for a decade: Cashless Digital Wallets.

The ‘cardless and cashless’ experience is now a consumer expectation in Australia and IGT’s digital wallet supports this transition by providing four key innovations – a digital loyalty card stored on the patron’s phone, a venue wallet which allows spending on non-gaming across the venue, facilitating a direct card deposit to the venue wallet, and EFTPOS funding (via a card) to a customer’s player account. The digital wallet provides a traceable source of funds, an enhancement to current AML technologies, and a tool to protect at risk players.

With IGT’s digital wallet field trial commencing imminently at Club York in Sydney’s CBD, the technology driving the next evolution in club, hotel and casino gaming payments will be showcased by the IGT team at AGE.

To ensure managers are ready for this technology change, the IGT Systems Team will demonstrate the full customer journey, from loading a digital loyalty card on the patron’s phone, through to linking an external funding source and transferring money to and from a machine.


Visit the Systems Team on the IGT Stand at AGE for a customer journey demonstration on cashless digital wallets