Out in the Sydney suburbs lies Cronulla RSL, a club that has recently undergone a major facelift with renovations on both its first and second floors. This project included a number of alterations to take advantage of the club’s stunning beach views. As well as taking advantage of these views, Cronulla RSL has also undergone an interior overhaul, where they have created a Scandinavian beach theme throughout the building. A large portfolio of the project was the makeover of both the indoor and outdoor gaming rooms to make them more visible, attractive, and accessible to both its members and the public.

The RSL Gaming Room Requirements

The club came to Capital’s Design Team with several issues with its gaming area that needed addressing. The gaming area itself was quite dark, and a lot of patrons didn’t even know it existed! Management decided that they wanted to brighten up the area to make it more open and visible to its 30,000 members. Along with opening up the area, the club wanted to serve the needs of each of the different groups that attend the venue. They did this by creating various, “Nooks,” for groups that participate in shared gaming while they still left various private spaces to suit individuals who enjoy the solo aspect of gaming. Cronulla RSL is also a popular destination for families, so while it is important to make the gaming areas more visible and accessible, they still needed to be somewhat discreet. As creating a flow between the reception and gaming rooms was a top priority, the reception area also underwent various renovations to allow for an integrated theme throughout the building.

How Capital Design Works Approached the Gaming Room Fitout

Once the club had a vision of what they wanted they came to Capital with a design and floor plan for them to bring it to life.
Capital then installed custom-built, made to measure machine bases in colours that best suited the theme. Capital’s team also created custom Aruba Screens for the club, the usual decorative patterns were swapped out for slats, thus keeping with the more minimalistic beach theme throughout. Capital’s team aimed to make this custom set up very flexible so if the club ever wanted to modify the layout in the future, they could do it quickly and hassle-free.
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The Completed Gaming Room

Cronulla RSL has received a lot of positive feedback. Those who frequent the club are enjoying the new room and are happy that they can use the alfresco gaming rooms and admire the views of the beach in any weather! A major competitor closed when renovations were taking place. This subsequently led to many new customers coming through the doors of Cronulla, many of whom by all accounts were very impressed with the new gaming areas and the venue in general. Overall, the feedback has been incredibly positive, and revenues have increased for the club. Management says that they, “couldn’t be happier,” with the work carried out by ‘Capital Design on both the indoor and outdoor gaming facilities.