A research firm in the USA has been surveying casino guests and their preferences for more than 30 years and the results of the questions on parking are often surprising. Despite what many believe, “valet parking” or “special service” is not well liked by top tier players. They happily swap it for “close to the entry” for direct access to the venue, and well-lit with security features.

So what are the features most prized by members and players:

  • most just want a good parking spot close to the venue

In many clubs the spots that are defined as a good spot close to the venue are reserved for club directors and management. Maybe it’s time to rethink that strategy and offer those positions for the regular player.

  • Multi-storey is better than a large parking lot

Older demographic groups may have reduced mobility so for most players a well-designed multistorey carpark reduces the distance to the club.

If you want to see an example of a near-perfect garage design, look at the “Garage Mahal” at the recently opened Circa Resort & Casino in downtown Las Vegas.

It is described on Circa’s website as the “most high-tech transportation hub in Las Vegas. Garage Mahal easily accommodates ride sharing, valet, self-parking and long-term parking for loyal Circa guests. More than just the cleanest, safest parking garage in Las Vegas, Garage Mahal is a literal work of art. Take in art installations by featured artist on our two corner video walls as you take your car in and out.”

The Garage Mahal features 1,000 spaces on eight stories. Each floor is color-coded to help find your car, there’s Wi-Fi throughout (also important for those apps that help you find your lost car) with a climate-controlled bridge that connects guests directly to Circa without having to go outside.

The latest research indicates that guests have no problem using elevators and don’t mind parking on upper levels. But they prefer direct access to the venue and must have a short walk from their car to an elevator.”


  • You need space to get out of your car

Research shows that one of the frustrations for guests is having enough space to be able to get in and out of their car easily. Some parking areas have focussed so heavily on increasing space numbers that they have reduced the width of the space making access difficult. Some older car parks seemingly were never designed for actual cars and drivers. Spaces are often narrow, and ramps are difficult to navigate.

There are many design features like higher ceilings, wider structural spans and column spacing, speed ramps, angled parking, wider end aisles, and natural lighting and ventilation that help to improve the experience for the end user through the architecture of the space.

  • It must be well lit and safe

The feeling of security that comes with a well-lit carpark with obvious security cameras for any member is a high priority and remains the number one consideration in surveys into car park requirements.

Lighting is vital to a carpark, particularly for women. Negotiating an older carpark with bumps and small holes in a car is OK but trying to walk across one at night in heels is dangerous.

A bright environment is not only safer for pedestrians walking through the carpark, but it’s also safer for drivers being able to more clearly identify hazards like cars backing out of blind spaces or pedestrians.

A well-designed garage can introduce as much natural daylight as possible. Many times, a well-designed garage with plenty of natural light can allow the interior lighting to be placed on a photocell that de-energizes them during the day, therefore further saving energy and reducing costs.

  • Adding technology

Technology is accelerating change in car park management allowing clubs to segment parts of their parking area for customers. For example, Sint have a Park.Me system where you can utilise members cards to swipe for entry, or the system can use number plate recognition. Both options will reference back to the club’s gaming system for accurate member validation and streamlines the process for customers. No more swiping issues frustrating top tier members.

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  • What about sound?

Another overlooked feature is sound. From the second a guest gets out of their car you want their exceptional experience to begin, starting with the music in the garage. The walk from their car, across the garage, into the elevator, and eventually into the venue can be made to feel seamless with continuous, uninterrupted songs playing along each step of the way.

While it can be difficult to upgrade the ceiling or ramps on an older casino garage, sound, LEDs with sensors, lighting, video walls and Wi-Fi can all be retrofitted with minimal expense. Hopefully, with 2021 volumes returning, many will consider making these enhancements to make parking more enjoyable.


Circa Casino & research information based on an original article appearing here >>>