It’s one of the hospitality and gaming industry’s premier events – a one-stop-shop for business owners and managers to discover cutting-edge technology, exciting innovations and must-have services. Meet the new faces on the floor at the 2020 MAX AHG Expo.


Revolutionisers of the kitchen exhaust and ventilation market, Shepherd Filters offer a solution that is smarter, cleaner, safer and more environmentally friendly. Standard metal kitchen grease filters only stop 20 to 40% of grease vapours from entering the hood. Shepherd Filters capture up to 98% – meaning less grease build-up entering the plenum, ductwork, fans and roofs, and less risk of catastrophic fire. Shepherd Filters are quick and easy to install and can be disposed of in seconds – a welcome alternative to degreasing traditional filters. By heavily reducing grease build-up between cleans, Shepherd Filters helps you save on:

1.  Labour and contractor costs associated with metal grease filters and exhaust systems

2. Kitchen duct cleans, which become less frequent and complex

3. Water usage and harsh chemicals typically needed to maintain a clean kitchen exhaust system

4. Maintenance and cleaning of rooftop fans, HVAC and other extraction equipment, resulting in more efficient operation.

Shepherd Filters are made from 100% wool, a renewable resource, and the filter media is carbon-neutral and will break down in landfill.

Find them at stand 80 at the 2020 MAX AHG Expo, or online at


Zero 9 Constructions is one of the Gold Coast’s leading Commercial Construction Companies. Since its establishment in 2012, the Zero 9 team has continued to grow and expand, completing numerous jobs over diverse categories. From retail to hospitality, as well as offices, clubs and display unit refurbishments – you name it, the Zero 9 team has taken it on.

Zero 9 Constructions take pride in delivering the highest quality outcomes for all of their projects – that’s why, at the 2020 MAX AHG Expo, their stand will include a captivating miniature bar mock-up. Visitors will be met with a smiling member of the Zero 9 Constructions team, who will be on hand to answer any questions or queries you may have. Let them show you how they can make your venue stand out.

Find them at stands 271 and 272 at the 2020 MAX AHG Expo, or online at


A practice of architects and interior designers who work seamlessly to create innovative solutions for their clientele, Altis Architecture cater to the hospitality, club design and living sectors. They are market leaders in:

  • Hospitality: bars, restaurants and pubs
  • Clubs: RSL, league, golf, bowling and more
  • Living: hotel, multi-residential and seniors living projects.

Altis have an established practice in Pyrmont, Sydney, and are excited to announce the opening of their new Brisbane office on Level 18 of the Riverside Centre at 123 Eagle Street, Brisbane. At the 2020 MAX AHG Expo, Altis Architecture will showcase their brand and their work with large screens and graphics displaying their latest projects. Their management team of directors will also be on-site to meet visitors and discuss your next development or renovation.

Find them at stand 47 at the 2020 MAX AHG Expo, or online at


NH Foods Australia are committed to delivering ‘The Joy of Eating’ – that’s why, at the 2020 AHG Expo, they will be sampling a selection of their celebrated, award-winning beef brands.

Grainfed brand Angus Reserve is Australia’s Largest Verified Beef Brand, raised in the pastures of some of Australia’s richest agricultural lands. Their award-winning beef is guaranteed for tenderness and full of flavour. Finished on a grainfed diet exclusively formulated from a mix of wheat, oats and barley for a minimum 150 days, their Black Angus beef has some of the finest marble in Australia, unmatched for taste. Because NH Foods work closely with each Angus farmer, you can be assured that they provide 100% traceability from the paddock to your plate. Angus Reserve is also fully graded by Meat Standards Australia, a world-leading eating quality system.

NH Foods’ grassfed brands are sustainably grown, free to roam around open plains, 100% grassfed, never confined to a feedlot and never treated with antibiotics or hormone growth promotants (HGPs).

Manning Valley Naturally is Australia’s Most Awarded Grassfed Beef and is 100% grassfed, 100% free of antibiotics and hormone growth promotants (HGP) and graded by Meat Standards Australia. Situated on Australia’s east coast, where the coastline meets the countryside, the Manning Valley region was founded on agriculture and is still renowned worldwide for its fresh produce. It is here you’ll find Manning Valley Naturally cattle grazing amongst lush pastures and fertile soils. In 2019 Manning Valley Naturally was a finalist for the Royal Agricultural Society (RAS) NSW President’s Medal and winner of the 2019 NSW Department of Primary Industries’ Innovation Award.

Their commitment to excellence doesn’t end there, with Nature’s Fresh, their sustainably grown and widely recognised pasture fed beef brand, known for its consistency, exceptional taste and quality. their Nature’s Fresh Natural Beef is 100% pasture fed and free to roam open plains, never confined to a feedlot, never treated with hormone growth promotants (HGPs) or antibiotics. Quite simply, there’s nothing artificial – it’s nature, and it’s fresh.

NH Foods Australia also owns and operates three processing facilities – Oakey Beef Exports, Thomas Borthwick & Sons (Mackay) and Wingham Beef Exports.

Each is strategically placed in prime cattle areas along the east coast of Australia and acknowledged as industry leaders in food safety and hygiene practices. These facilities are supported by one of Australia’s largest and most modern cattle feedlots, Whyalla Beef, located on the border between New South Wales and Queensland.

If you are dedicated to the joy of eating, then NH Foods Australia is for you. Find them at stand 250 at the 2020 MAX AHG Expo, or online at


For the very first time, the Czech Republic will be represented on the floor at the AHG Expo. The Czech Trade Promotion Agency is a government body with 52 foreign offices all over the world, including an Australian and New Zealand representative situated right here in Australia. CzechTrade will representing two exciting companies at the 2020 MAX AHG Expo;

JM Style Pty Ltd

As the exclusive Australian importer and distributor of G. Benedikt, Crystalite Bohemia, SAHM and more, JM Style presents great design novelties and decorations across porcelain, glassware and cutleries. They are looking forward to showing off their products, meeting new people and discussing their ideas, requirements and opinions to improve trends in the Australian market. Enjoy a sneak peek of the brands JM Style will be showcasing at the AHG Expo.

  • G. Benedikt: a manufacturer of high-quality, expertly designed hotel porcelain since 1882, known for interesting, practical and different pieces for the hospitality industry.
  • Crystalite Bohemia: producer of the best quality and priced beverage glasses since 1967, offering a wide range of wine, beer, alcoholic and non-alcoholic glassware that captures the attention of hotel and restaurant facility buyers the world over.
  • SAHM: delivers innovatively designed, quality custom glassware that will make your business stand out from the crowd.


A modern online solution for the hospitality industry, Circularo delivers great user experience and faster document processing – both as part of client-facing interactions and internal management approvals. Easily prepare, share, fill-in, approve and sign any forms, documents and agreements with Circularo.

Find Czech Trade incorporating JM Style and Circulato at stands 28 and 29 at the 2020 MAX AHG Expo, or online at

DNS Specialist Services

Hospitality and gaming consulting business DNS Specialist Services works with pubs, clubs and casinos across Australia to provide strategic and operational support for venues. Their expertise covers planning, gaming, licensing, marketing, systems, HR and training services, and their business advice ‘adds polish to your plate’. Born from a frustration with the lack of unbiased information and workable solutions available to the gaming and hospitality industry, DNS Specialist Services embarked on a mission to deliver specialist consulting services to the industry – 10 years later, they are still offering dedicated advice and support for hospitality and gaming businesses, with the care and attention those businesses deserve. Relentless in the pursuit of each client’s goals, the DNS team knows that being invited to your table is an important step and they meet it with complete honesty, integrity and clarity. They are committed to supporting your goals and advancing your business, and they aren’t afraid to hustle. Their unbiased approach to getting you results means they care about your business as if it were their own – because, essentially, it is – though their sense of humour and adventure is second to none. At its core, DNS Specialist Services believes in the importance of good hospitality. Discover how their dedicated support can help your gaming or hospitality business find solutions and unlock its true potential.

Find DNS Specialist Services at stand 15 at the 2020 MAX AHG Expo, or online at

Robot Coupe Australia

Commercial food equipment supplier Robot Coupe offers food preparation solutions for commercial kitchens, saving them both time and money. The Robot Coupe Vegetable Preparation Machine was specifically designed to make life easier for pubs and clubs, minimising stress and increasing productivity in the kitchen. Discover their special CL50U/CL52 Pubs and Clubs Package – the solution to saving both time and money with your daily food prep.

Find Robot Coupe Australia at stand 218 at the 2020 MAX AHG Expo, or online at