Liquor & Gaming NSW has announced targeted compliance audits and inspections commencing March 2018.

The audits are being conducted to ensure that clubs are compliant with the Gaming Machines Act 2001 and the Gaming Machines Regulation 2010.

Liquor & Gaming have indicated that a particular focus will be placed on venues in the Wyong, Campbelltown and Liverpool LGA’s.

To prepare for the audits, ClubsNSW has advised that clubs must ensure that they are compliant with the law and should be aware that:

  • Publishing gaming machine advertising, including on websites and social media, is prohibited
  • Displaying gambling related signs outside or in the vicinity of a club is prohibited.
  • Gaming machines must display harm minimisation contact cards, signage and information brochures
  • Clubs with gaming must have a self-exclusion policy and this must be publicised to patrons.
  • ‘Approved persons’ lists are up-to-date for gaming payouts.
  • Minors are prohibited from operating gaming machines and are not permitted in gaming machine areas
  •  Offering inducements, such as free liquor, to members to encourage them to play gaming machines is prohibited
  • All clubs must maintain gaming related records including approved gaming reports to the Club’s board and cash flow analysis reports

Failure to comply with these requirements may carry fines of up to $11,000.

Liquor & Gaming NSW’s Gaming Machine Harm Minimisation Fact Sheet provides further information to help ensure that your club remains compliant and avoids penalty.

A copy of the fact sheet can be found here.

Clubs requiring further information are advised to contact the Member Enquiries Centre at ClubsNSW on 1300 730 001 or