A recent research report was released this month on gambling among Victorians, providing insights into gambling activity among different demographic groups. The report published in 2021 was based on data from 2015 but concluded:

One-third of Victorians (36%, or around 1,587,709 adults) spent money on gambling activities in a typical month in 2015.

Victorian adults who gambled were mostly male (55%); aged fifty or over (56%); Australian‑born (75%); employed full-time (46%) or retired (25%); married or in a de facto relationship (62%); and living in a major city (74%).

Lotteries were the most common activity to spend money on (76% of people who gambled or 27% of all Victorian adults), followed by electronic gambling machines (EGMs)/‘pokies’ (21% of people who gambled or 8% of all Victorian adults) and race betting (17% of people who gambled or 6% of all Victorian adults).

Victorians who gambled spent an average of $1,268 annually on gambling activities in 2015; EGMs accounted for the highest annual expenditure ($1,288), followed by bingo ($1,252) and race betting ($1,211).

Around 18% of Victorians who gambled (or 8% of all Victorian adults) were classified as being at risk of, or already experiencing, gambling-related problems.

Download a full copy of the report  here >>>