Next Payments is pleased to announce the launch of its latest product designed for the gaming and payments industry, the TAB Enabled ATM. Created in partnership with Tabcorp (TAB), this innovative self-service ATM allows patrons to conveniently deposit directly into and withdraw funds from their TAB account without needing to step out of their favourite pub or venue.

Next Payments takes pride in servicing over 1,800 hospitality and gaming businesses, positioning them favourably within the industry. The launch of the TAB Enabled ATM underpins the company’s dedication to innovation and growth as they continuously strive to provide solutions addressing the dynamic needs of venues and their patrons. Next is excited to expand their ATM offerings with the TAB Enabled ATM, which will complement the 4,300 ATMs in their network that are already serving various industries across Australia and New Zealand.

The TAB Enabled ATM’s user-friendly interface, lightning-fast transaction speeds, cardless withdrawal functionality and sleek design will elevate patrons’ TAB experience and significantly enhance engagement within the venue. With one of these units on-site, the cash-handling duties of venue staff are reduced, freeing up their valuable time to be spent on the provision of excellent customer service and responsible service of gambling.

Security and data assurance remain paramount at Next Payments. The company maintains a continuous commitment to its customers’ privacy, data security, processing integrity, and confidentiality. Rigorous monitoring, auditing, and upgrades to security frameworks ensure that all data and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) are safeguarded, which is continued in the TAB Enabled ATM.

“At Next Payments, our mission is simple: we want to be the first name that pops into your head when you think about payments, technology, cash management, data security, and patron engagement in venues. Our passion lies in consistently enhancing our products to ensure that our clients stay at the forefront of the payments and technology industry. “, says Peter Walford, Chief Executive Officer at Next Payments.

“The TAB customer base expects versatility in our product offering. Adding another avenue for our customers to deposit and withdraw into their TAB account is providing that versatility to our customers, while simultaneously supporting our TAB venue partners,” says Bernadette McLoughlin, General Manager Venues NSW/ACT & On Course – TAB.

“For our next-generation, non-cash betting Digital Retail venues, which are powered by Venue Mode on the TAB App, the introduction of TAB Enabled ATMs into the network is an exciting development.

Next Payments will allow cash deposits and withdrawals, even in a non-traditional TAB,” says McLoughlin.

Tabcorp’s Chief Operating Officer, Paul Carew, has highlighted the partnership as a step forward for TAB’s ongoing transformation. “This partnership has come at the perfect time, as we ramp up digital transformation across the business. The introduction of new products such as the TAB Enabled ATM is an important part of this transformation journey. Customers are at the forefront of our decision making and providing another safe option to deposit and withdraw from their account is something we have been eager to introduce.”

All venues that install a TAB Enabled ATM will benefit from Next Payments’ exceptional 24/7 local support and complimentary reporting software, Concilio. This powerful combination empowers venues with essential insights and comprehensive transaction data to efficiently track their patrons’ movements and maintain financial oversight.

Walford expressed his gratitude for the partnership, “It’s always great to work with another team that shares the same work ethos and drive. At the end of the day, both TAB and Next want to deliver products that exceed customer expectations, and improve the way that venues operate. We sincerely thank TAB for their hard work in helping us deliver this ATM to market.”


If you are interested in getting the TAB Enabled ATM at your venue or would like more information, please visit



*Please note that the TAB Enabled ATM is not available in WA, SA & TAS.

About Next Payments:
Next Payments is a leading provider of secure and advanced payment and technology solutions, drawing from over 20 years of industry experience. The company’s passion lies in pushing boundaries to provide products and services that undergo continuous enhancements for the benefit of our valued customers. Our commitment to providing excellent customer service and solutions is reinforced by in-house research and development, along with a team of Business Development Managers, local 24/7 support, and field technicians across the nation.

About TAB:

TAB is Australia’s largest multichannel wagering provider. With 9,000 venues around the country, app and website access, TAB provides a seamless betting experience for all.