Two-way Radios

Handheld mobile two-way radios have been used for decades in clubs and they continue to be the most important communications device for operational staff. Any medium to large multi-storey club needs a way to communicate immediate issues to all operational floor staff at once.

There is an even more necessary reason to use a two-way radio system in a club…a two-way system can be critical in an emergency if power is lost or mobile phone coverage compromises other communications systems. Two-way radios stand independently from powered systems and should be considered a vital part of a venues safety and WHS equipment inventory.

Scenario 1

A Duty Manager, having just noticed a poor behaviour escalation, or a medical emergency, has no time to alert the CEO and Operations Manager, security staff, front desk staff, and other Duty Managers of an impending issue by phone. Yet with two-way radios all the operational staff can be advised of a situation with one message that goes to everyone. Other managers can call for support, and police or emergency services can be notified by other staff in minutes. Front desk staff can ensure members entering or exiting the club are safe, and security and additional managers can be called to help. One call, one two-way radio system, and everyone knows.

Scenario 2

It’s a busy Saturday night. People are arriving for a function and the organisers have underestimated the number of covers and an extra table needs to be set up quickly.  The kitchen needs to be advised of extra meals to prep, the microphone battery is flat in another function room and the main bar is three deep when a beer tap runs dry. With one message, a Duty Manager can get staff, cellar, kitchen and supervisors onto these tasks in seconds. Everything is fixed so simply that customers don’t even know there have been several issues. One call, one two-way radio system, and everyone knows.

Clubs can capitalise on the one-to-many nature of two-way radio communications to both improve employee efficiency and productivity while delivering a consistently satisfactory guest experience and improve safety and security in the venue.

Are Untidy Bathrooms damaging your business?

One of BTGs most popular products, used by many of the largest clubs in the country, is the electronic “Connect Button” Bathroom customer survey. It offers a solution for clubs and hotels to keep on top of bathroom cleanliness even during the busiest periods. This equipment allows your customers to rate the facilities and any unacceptable rating is sent through immediately to the paging service, or directly to a smart phone, to alert managers that the bathrooms need to be prioritised. The software can also produce reports showing the overall ratings at different days/times so proactive cleaning rosters can be included for staff

A recent study confirmed that unclean bathrooms can lead to lost business. When asked what types of businesses participants would avoid if they encountered dirty bathrooms 79% of respondents put restaurants and hotels at the top of the list. Additionally, 86% of respondents in a different study equated the condition of a restaurant’s bathroom with the condition of its kitchens.

A key takeaway is that patrons think poorly of businesses with dirty restrooms because “a messy restroom signifies poor management and shows the business doesn’t care about its appearance or its customers”

These results not only point to the importance of clean, functional bathrooms, they also underscore the need for ongoing and thorough procedures for employees cleaning and maintaining bathrooms.


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