You’ve earned your customer’s loyalty, so safeguarding their sensitive information is paramount. No one wants to deliver the dreaded message, “Your data may have been compromised.” Recent events in Las Vegas and our local community have brought this issue to the forefront, urging organisations to prioritise data security.

Putting Your Trust in Providers

When choosing service providers, what factors should you consider when granting them access to your customers’ valuable data?

A Strong Foundation: A robust security strategy starts with the strength of your platform supplier. Do they rely on numerous external ‘plug-ins’ or maintain an in-house team of developers?

In-House Expertise: The gold standard in security is an in-house development team that meticulously crafts software and manages the platform. It means every line of code, every security measure, and each software update is under expert control.

Complete Control: This complete control over the development process fortifies your systems against potential threats and vulnerabilities, reducing the risk of incidents that could disrupt your operations or jeopardise customer data.

Rapid Response for Peace of Mind

Cybersecurity is ever-evolving. Your supplier should understand the need to adapt and evolve to protect your data effectively. Stay proactive with software updates based on data-backed, industry-relevant intelligence.

No organisation is invulnerable to cyber threats. However, a proactive approach includes swift responses to minimise risks, reduce disruptions, and expedite recovery.

Maintaining Integrity

For peace of mind for your staff and customers, choose a supplier who manages all aspects of data collection and management. This will ensure immediate problem resolution and data integrity preservation.

Next Step

The goal is to give you confidence that your data is secure. By maintaining control over every aspect of our software and consistently enhancing our security measures, we aim to minimise the need for public announcements like those recently made.

For deeper insights into our enterprise standard approach vs your current systems, reach out to us. No obligation, and it is free of cost.


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