At-table ordering service me&u has made several predictions about our hospitality spaces in the future, after the findings of their hospitality report.

80 percent of Australians surveyed expect smart technologies to be integrated into our pubs, clubs and cafes. 53 percent would like to view a venue in the metaverse before heading there in reality, with 85 percent agreeing that venues are all about people and human interactions.

Mealtimes, staff wellbeing and putting an end to hospo-ghosting will all be a part of hospitality’s future. The report, undertaken by me&u and YouGov, uncovers what the pub of the future will look like, in a bid to assist ailing venues hurt by the pandemic.

“Audiences are now confident in choice and control. Welcome to generation ‘on-demand’,” says the NSW Government’s 24-hour Economy Commissioner Michael Rodrigues.

“The mistake for Australian venues would be to settle for a rebuilding mindset, when a reforging one is needed. This is an opportunity to think differently.”

Creative venues are seen as the ideal night out moving forward. 78 percent of respondents are expecting pubs to adapt to different needs across the week, with 44 percent wanting to visit venues that cater for the whole family. Four in ten respondents are also happy to go to alcohol free venues, with 30 percent looking to drink less in future and 22 percent planning on giving up alcohol within five years.

“With Australia’s hospitality sector one of the most heavily affected in the world, this has and is still impacting staffing, service and customer experience when it comes to going out,” tells me&u CEO, Katrina Barry.

The report looks to explore the key themes and developments, uncovering the pub of the future to arm our allies, your favourite venues, with the trends that can help them future proof their offering, and understand their customer a little better. For pubs, bars, clubs and restaurants globally, we have to acknowledge that our customer has changed, and will change again; and we have to be ready, willing and able to arm ourselves with the right tools, partners and technologies to keep up.

“Businesses will need to be creative, to be brave, to try new things whilst remaining agile and nimble within the market.”

89 percent of Australians have altered their habits on a night out in the recent past. 37 percent are calling it a night earlier, with 48 percent not wanting to stand in line. 43 percent are planning their nights in advance, with 44 percent preferring to stay in one venue as opposed to bar hopping.

In a sustainable sense, 75 percent of respondents believe hospitality venues produce a worrying amount of waste and 82 percent are concerned about food waste. Over three quarters of respondents expect to see venues contributing to the local economy, with the majority more likely to frequent venues that do so.

When it comes to accessibility, the notion is clear. 91 percent of Australians agree all venues need to be accessible for all walks of life. whilst 68 percent agreed that they would only attend pubs, bars and restaurants that support diversity and inclusion.

To read and download the report in full, click here.